Kitchenaid dishwasher diagnostic mode (required key sequence)

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If your KitchenAid dishwasher won’t work properly, you should try invoking its diagnostic mode- it’s an easy way of figuring out the cause of a variety of KitchenAid dishwasher problems.

Read on to find out how to run Kitchenaid dishwasher diagnostic mode as you try to identify what’s exactly is going wrong.

Kitchenaid dishwasher diagnostic mode (steps)

You invoke service diagnostics on Kitchenaid dishwasher as follows, depending on the model:

Kitchenaid W10142800B dishwasher diagnostic mode

While your washer is in standby mode, perform these key presses quickly (you should not take more than 6 seconds to complete the action)..

  • Press Heated Dry then Normal then Heated Dry then Normal.

As you can see, you will press the keys “Heated Dry” and “Normal” twice but in the stated sequence to run service diagnostics on Kitchenaid W10142800B dishwasher.


Kitchenaid 8572216 dishwasher diagnostic mode

To initiate a service diagnostics cycle here, again press these keys (in less than six seconds) while in standby:

Heated DryNormalHeated DryNormal

Alternative method:

If the user interface/control panel is not operating, you can still enter diagnostic mode by unplugging the thermistor (or OWI sensor) 2 times.

Be sure to unplug the user interface first (no IDs/keys should be present for the method to work).


Kitchenaid W10130990C dishwasher diagnostic mode

To invoke a Diagnostics Cycle, press the “Heated Dry” key followed by the “Normal” key then again the “Heated Dry” key and finally “Normal” key, once more.

Ensure your machine is in standby mode while doing it (and press the keys rapidly).


Kitchenaid KUDD03DT drawer dishwasher diagnostic mode

You can start the field service test by pressing the “High Temp Wash” button/key 6 times followed by the “Start” key/button within 8 seconds.

Keep in mind that the test should only be run with clean water (to ensure proper sensor performance).

The image below shows the tests/functions that will be completed and the precise sequence.

kitchenaid superba dishwasher diagnostic mode

Here are a few things you should know about the field service test on Kitchenaid KUDD03DT drawer dishwasher: 

  • The Heavy Wash/Anti-Bacterial LED will flash during the test (All other LEDs will illuminate).
  • If you open the dishwasher door during the test, the test sequence pauses. Close the door, if you want to resume it.
  • The mode is designed to perform tests on the Sensors, Memory, and Loads.
  • If an error is found, the “Cancel” LED will flash (with the fault code)- pressing any key  typically exits  the  error  display mode.


Kitchenaid KIDS01EK in-sink dishwasher diagnostic mode

Pressing these option keys (in the listed sequence) starts the diagnostics test on Kitchenaid KIDS01EK in-sink dishwasher model:

  • RINSE ONLY then SANI RINSE then RINSE ONLY then SANI RINSE (again do it fast).


Kitchenaid W10195615A dishwasher diagnostic mode

To invoke the test cycle here, press any 3 keys (while in standby) in the sequence 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3 (1 =the first key you choose, 2= the second key you choose, 3= the third key you choose).

So you will basically be repeating the same 3 keys you select in the indicated sequence (there should be no more than a 1 second delay between the key presses).

It is important to note that the diagnostics cycle will only start upon closing the door.


Kitchenaid 8537797 dishwasher diagnostic mode

Pressing the option keys below (in the shown sequence) starts the diagnostics cycle (with your dishwasher in standby):


You can as well try the following keys sequence, if the above doesn’t work:



Kitchenaid KUDR24SEWH5 dishwasher diagnostic mode

Entering the following key sequence (within 10 seconds) makes the dishwasher to run factory diagnostics test:

  • High Temp Wash Energy Saver DryHigh Temp WashEnergy Saver Dry

Meanwhile, to run the service diagnostics test, you press the following key sequence(all keys to be pressed within 10 seconds):

  • High Temp Wash Energy Saver DryHigh Temp WashEnergy Saver DryHigh Temp Wash

It is worth mentioning that the only major difference between these two tests is the time each takes in each interval.


Kitchenaid dishwasher diagnostic mode – useful tips

Various tests are run

Don’t forget that diverse tests are executed once the Kitchenaid dishwasher diagnostic mode has started.

To add, a test will either be aborted if an issue is found or an error code displayed.


Use Google to determine what the error code means

Now, if you notice an error code, you can Google for its meaning (and possible DIY fix) instead of making a service call (it could save you $$$).

Also, remember that all LEDs turn on immediately, upon the entry of the keys sequence -indeed, all segments of the display should illuminate.

Side Note: If any LED doesn’t turn on, probably there exists an open circuit (in the keypad) and you might need to replace the console assembly/keypad to fix the issue.


You can advance from interval to the next rapidly

Once the diagnostics cycle has started, you can manually advance it rapidly (to your next desired interval) by pressing the “Start/Resume” key (or “Pots & Pans” key/“Anti-Bacteria/Cookware cycle” key/ “Soak& Scrub” key in some kitchenaid dishwasher models).

Please note that the door needs to be latched after every key press to proceed to the next interval.


Wrapping it up

If you did not find the key press sequence needed to run the diagnostic mode in your specific kitchenaid dishwasher model, try to search for its tech sheet online (the procedure should be included).

One final tip: You can cancel the currently running diagnostic mode at any time, if you so wish- all you need to do is simply press the “CANCEL” button.


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  1. My kdte254ewh1 will not go into diagnostic mode. I’ve tried several procedures several times cut power several times several length of time up to 1hr. Could there be a problem with control board . Lights come on when I touch them.


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