Kenmore 70 series dryer not heating [Solved]

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When it comes to the issue of your Kenmore 70 series dryer not heating, it might be a burnt heating element, blown thermal fuse, a bad cycling thermostat, or a failed  heater relay(on the control board).

It can even be due to a power supply problem/gas issues(for gas units).

In this article, we are going to look into some of the most likely reasons why your Kenmore 70 series isn’t heating up and how to fix the appliance.

Let’s dive in!

Kenmore 70 series dryer not heating-common causes and how to repair each potential problem

The exhaust duct could be obstructed

Check the dryer vent because if the exhaust is obstructed/clogged(it might be at any point from inside the dryer all-the-way to where it exits the building), your dryer could be getting too hot and popping the thermal fuse.

For starters, the thermal fuse does that to protect your dryer from catching fire(restricted/clogged vent is a huge fire hazard!).

Put another way, you want to start your Kenmore 70 series dryer troubleshooting by checking the Thermal fuse(see How to test thermal fuse on dryer [Steps]).

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Also check the lint filter/screen-It typically clogs first (if you keep forgetting to clean it after each cycle)- and clean it, if necessary.


You have a bad heating element

Usually, when a heating element has burnt out, the dryer will not heat.

That being so, first check the heating element(See How to test heating element in dryer quickly)

Needless to say, you’ll want to replace the part, if you find it is gone.

You can buy a compatible heating element here(Amazon) and follow a DIY video(search on YouTube) to complete the replacement.

Another thing worth checking while there is the wiring(to the heating element)- look for any breaks(and patch any up with copper wire).

Now, while oftentimes it’s the thermal fuse or the heating element that triggers heating problems, you need to look elsewhere if the dryer won’t heat even after you have checked the two parts.

So below is what else can go wrong and recommended repairs, in each case


The cycling thermostat might have failed

If your Kenmore 70 series dryer is running but there’s no heat or there’s minimal heat, then changing out the Cycling Thermostat might solve your problem.

Just so you know, this thermostat controls temp inside of the drum and you will find it on the blower housing or elsewhere in the internal airflow ducting.


High-limit thermostat

The high-limit thermostat can also blow when it detects higher-than-usual temperatures.

Quick Tip: Instead of buying the parts individually, you can just get this affordable dryer heating problems repair kit(it comes with a compatible Kenmore 70 series dryer cycling thermostat, high-limit thermostat, thermal cut-off switch, and thermal fuse).


The timer is faulty

The work of a timer is to count down the time you have selected, and once done, it switches off the dryer (it hence stops heating).

Now, when a timer is faulty, your dryer might fail to heat or it can keep running until it becomes too hot, tripping the thermal fuse.

So another part you may need to replace is the timer.


Control board heater relay

The work of the heater relay on the control board is to regulate the heating element(plus motor operation).

And so if it has malfunctioned, your dryer could stop heating.

Again you can consider replacing the control board heater relay only though the easiest repair is swapping out the control board entirely.


Kenmore 70 series dryer not heating (electrical Kenmore 70 series dryer)

Here now are more probable causes for the issue in electrical Kenmore 70 series dryers:

Improper power supply

Your electrical Kenmore 70 series dry operates on 240-volts power so in case of a power sag, it might not be getting sufficient power supply, making it run without heating.

Recommended repair:

Here you will have to wait for the power to go back to normal.

Otherwise, you can call the power company to come and check things for you.


Kenmore 70 series dryer not heating-Kenmore 70 series gas dryer

Now, let us look specifically at troubleshooting a Kenmore 70 series gas dryer that is not heating.

In summary:

If the air is not heating up in your Kenmore 70 series gas dryer, the culprit might be:

  • A blocked venting system
  • The timer
  • A failed heater relay(on the electronic control board)
  • A burnt thermal cutoff fuse
  • A faulty thermistor
  • A defective operating thermostat
  • A non-functional high-limit thermostat

You surely know what to do for all these potentially troubled parts so let us look at other likely solutions (And we are assuming that you don’t have issues with the gas supply/connection):


Check if the burner ignitor is fine

To check:

  • Select a high temp setting (on timed dry) then start the dryer.
  • Observe the burner assembly- Peak through the hole to see if the ignitor is glowing- shortly after you start the dryer. Remove the access panel.

If the igniter is bad, it will not glow/spark and there will not be heating in your dryer.

So get a replacement here and put it in.


Replace the flame sensor- it could have failed

The job of a flame sensor is to detect the heat from the flame and your dryer might not heat if the flame sensor is troubled.

Recommended repair:

Your best bet is buying a new flame sensor and replacing it.


Change the gas valve solenoid (it could be bad)

In a gas dryer, a gas valve solenoid controls the flow of natural gas to the burner and your dryer might have heating problems if it has shorted out.

Recommended repair:

Replacing this part will be your only option.

Quick Tip: One of the best signs that it’s a solenoid issue is your Kenmore 70 series dryer heating only for a couple of minutes and then stop heating


Final words

You can always get some great YouTube videos to help you perform parts replacement if you’re not very experienced in dryer troubleshooting.

All you have to do is search on YouTube using your dryer model number (Kenmore 70 series dryer)..


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