How to wash Nike shoes in washer (step-by-step)

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If your Nike sneakers or running shoes have become really muddy and stinky and you want to give them a quick wash, try washing them in your washer.

And here is how to wash Nike shoes in washer (step-by-step) without damaging them..


How to wash Nike shoes in washer (step-by-step)..

Before we start, remember that most Nike shoes made of fabric can be put in the washer for cleaning (For Nike shoes made of leather, you will have to hand wash them as described here)..


How to wash Nike shoes in washer (instructions)..

In summary, shoes should be washed in on a cold setting and with a liquid detergent (mild).

Afterward- and this is important- always “air dry” them (Dryer is generally a no-go zone when it comes to shoes!).

Here now are the complete steps:

Step 1:

Remove any excess (and loose) dirt from the shoe by banging them together. You can as well brush it off using an old rag

Step 2:

Use a soft-bristled shoe brush (dry) to scrape away dirt on the outsole and midsole.

Ideally, make a solution of slightly soapy water and dip the brush there before going you begin to brush away the dirt on these areas.

You can use an old toothbrush if you do not have a shoe brush around.

Be sure to rinse the soles (over a bathtub/sink) to clear any remaining soap residual.

Step 3:

The soles are now clean so we can turn to your shoes..

First, remove the insoles.

Also, remove the shoe laces, if necessary. 

Next, put your Nike shoes in a mesh laundry bag and throw them into the washer- the bag protects your shoes against possible damage when being washed in your washer.

You also need to put your shoelaces in their own mesh laundry bag.

About your insoles, most are machine-washable so put them in a laundry net too.

Toss them 2 bags into the machine.

I must add that it can be good idea to wash the insoles by hand (where they can come out) since they sometimes trap a lot of moisture when machine-washed.

Step 4:

Put a bunch of towels(old) in the machine (to be with the shoes) to help balance the machine’s wash load.

Step 5:

Pour some liquid detergent into the machine and wash your shoes and shoe laces (plus innersoles) in cold water –choose a delicate program(slow/no-spin).

Wait as the wash cycle runs to completion.

Step 6:

Remove your Nike shoes and shoe laces (plus innersoles) from the bags.

You want to “air dry” your Nike shoes (Again, never use a dryer for shoes).

Step 7:

After all is properly dried up, place the insoles back in the shoes and proceed to restring the laces.

That’s it, seriously!


How to wash Nike shoes in washer –Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you put Nikes in the washer?

Yes, you can for most dress/cloth Nike shoes- The rule of the thumb is YES, for fabric shoes and NO, for leather shoes as the washer may ruin the leather.


Can you dry Nike shoes in the dryer?

No.  Don’t put your Nike shoes in the dryer- you are likely to damage them as they cannot survive the extreme heat from the dryer (they might come out utterly ruined!) ..

That said, you can help your Nike shoes dry out quicker by stuffing them (just lightly) with paper towels (or something similar) to absorb the moisture..

But overall, it best to just wait for them to air dry away from any heat source and at room temperature – If your shoes are worth washing, then they are worth for (it could take a couple of days for them to dry).


How Do I Clean My Insoles to Reduce Shoe Odor?

From time to time, your insoles may become too smelly making it essential to clean your shoes’ insoles separately.

When you want to do that, start by removing the insoles then prepare a solution of soap (a few drops) and warm water or water and vinegar in a basin.

Now grab a soft scrubbing brush, dip its bristles in the solution, and scrub the insoles clean (use a circular motion when scrubbing). 

Be sure to wet the bristles again (and again) as necessary until you have scrubbed all the dirt/stains off.

Once your insoles are sparkling clean, dry them thoroughly then pop them back into your shoes.

If the disgusting odor persists, it could be time to order replacement insoles.


I have Nike Tanjun white. How do I clean the colored stains?

The best way is to apply bleach (mixed with water) then scrub the stained spots with a towel.

Alternatively, you could toss them in a washing machine (in a washing bag/pillowcase) and wash them on cold.


How do I clean Nike shoes that have white cloth like material on the back heel area of shoe?

Use a toothbrush and a little bit of toothpaste.

Scrub it and then submerge it in water.

Repeat the process as necessary.


How to wash Nike shoes in washer -Recap

To recap, you can put your Nike shoes in washer (Cloth/dress Nike shoes- for leather, NO) by running a gentle cycle only -with preferably, unscented detergent.

Be sure to take out the shoelaces and insole/sock liner (if necessary) before washing them.

Finally, just leave them to dry completely in the sun..

They should look as good as new after this.

Your shoelaces can be watched by hand

Final tip: If you have to clean Pumas or Filas, try to follow their cleaning suggestions.



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