How to wash Adidas shoes in washing machine (step-by-step and important tips)

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This article will teach you how to wash Adidas shoes in washing machine…

As we wrote in our article  can shoes be washed in a washing machine?, many shoes are machine-washable – be sure to read the full article to check if your shoe is machine-washable).

So as a follow-up, this article will teach you how to wash Adidas shoes in washing machine.

Let’s dive in:

How to wash Adidas shoes in washing machine (step-by-step and important tips)

Preliminary cleaning

Clean any surface dirt

At the start, you should clean any surface debris on your Adidas shoe.

Use a damp rag (or something similar)- you want to wipe down as much surface dirt off.

Quick Tip: In addition, consider banging your Adidas shoes together- this often helps knock large clumps of caked-on dirt out of place.


Clean the soles

Next up is the soles- it is likely that the soles are also a little dirty as they’re the part that makes actual contact with surfaces.


  1. Scrape away any thick, persistent dirt in the treads – a plastic knife will suffice (or any other similar tool).
  2. Prepare some soapy water – simply add dish soap (1 spoonful) in a small cup- then grab an old toothbrush and dip it in there. You then go over the soles with the toothbrush (here you can use any other stiff-bristled brush), scrubbing away on the stubborn residue with enough force to dislodge it.

Quick Tip: To make your job easier, you may soak the soles in the solution for about 15-20 minutes before you work on them with the toothbrush. We recommend this in situations where the soles are excessively dirty.

  1. Rinse the soles– you might have some soap residue on the soles so rinse the soles (just hold the shoes over a sink/bathtub and rinse them with water).


Preparing your Adidas shoes for the washing machine

Now you’re almost ready to throw the shoes in the washer..

However, you need to remove the laces and insoles (if necessary).


You see, there is a good chance that plenty of dirt has accumulated in the laces as well as around the eyelets.

So when you remove them, you give the washer enough room to reach there and thoroughly clean them.

Also, some insoles are made of materials that can be damaged when washed in a washing machine so be sure to check that the insoles in your Adidas sneakers are washing machine safe.

If not, you must remove the insoles (wash them by hand- more on this later) before putting the shoes in the washing machine.

Something else: Washing some insoles in a washing machine might leave them waterlogged (meaning they will probably take several days to dry) so hand-washing them is typically recommended.


How to wash Adidas shoes in washing machine (actual procedure)

Step 1: Put your Adidas shoes in the washer

Go ahead and put your dirty Adidas pair of shoes in a mesh laundry bag/pillow case. 

The purpose of the bag is to provide protection for the shoes while they’re being cleaned by the washing machine.

Quick Tip: Whether you’re placing them in a regular mesh garment bag or you’re going the pillow case way, be sure it’s sealed properly before placing it in the washer (for the pillow cases, ensure the top is tied shut then secure it using rubber bands).


Don’t forget to place the shoelaces (and insoles, if machine-washable) into the washing machine too-they should be in a separate mesh laundry bag that you have shut securely.


Step 2: Put some blankets (or old towels)

Now you need to put a couple of blankets or old towels (a few) to the machine (to go along with the shoes) to prevent the clanking in your washing machine.

The extra padding will prevent it from being very loud.

Quick Tip: Be sure to only add old towels– newer ones sometimes leach excess dye causing your shoes to be stained.


Step 3: Run a wash cycle

Now you’re all set to run a wash cycle.


What wash settings should you Use?

For the most part, just use a cold wash (a gentle/delicate, cold water cycle with extra-rinse works best)- extra rinse cycle helps clear any lingering soap residue.

Note that you should select a slow (or no-spin) option.

And should you add laundry detergent?

Yeah, add liquid detergent preferably (Powder detergent may get stuck in your shoes if it fails to dissolve properly).

Once you’re done, wait for the wash cycle to run to completion.


Step 4: Dry the shoes

Next remove your shoes, shoelaces, and insoles (if necessary) from the washer and air-dry them for about 24 hours.

Quick Tip: If you want to make them dry up in less time, stuff your Adidas shoes with a couple of newspaper sheets (paper towels or clean rags can also work here)- they help absorb excess moisture while keeping your shoes in proper shape as they’re drying.


How to wash the insoles

It’s important to understand how to wash the insoles if they’re not machine-washable.

Here is how:

Using a soft brush (or rag), wipe down the insoles gently with soapy water (you know how to prepare the solution).

After that, get a sponge and use it to soak up the excess moisture (try as hard as possible).

When you have completed soaking moisture up, the insoles should be sprinkled with baking soda.

You then leave them for some hours to accomplish two goals: deodorize them+ soak up residual moisture (it’s best to have the insoles sit overnight).

So your first job the following morning is brushing off your insoles to get rid of the baking soda then placing the insoles back in place (in your shoes)- only place them back if you are satisfied that  they have completely dried.


How to wash Adidas shoes in washing machine – important tips

  • Take a look at your Adidas shoe care instructions – You always want to be sure it is safe to put your Adidas footwear through a washer.
  • Avoid fabric softeners- It could leave a residue on your shoes that begin to attract more dirt.
  • Do not use a dryer- Do not dry your Adidas shoes in a dryer (the tumbling and heat can warp or damage them, unless you’re using a dryer rack) 


Wrap up

That’s it..

Follow the above steps to wash your Adidas shoes and make them look as new.

To be honest, nothing (not even a single step!) is complicated here.


PS: Here is what Adidas says about cleaning their various shoes.


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