How to steam clean Samsung oven [Step by step]

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You and I know that steam cleaning your oven is way quicker, gentler, and less smelly method of cleaning your oven- it won’t produce the nasty odors of self-cleaning method.

Plus, because it takes less time, it is more energy-efficient than the self-cleaning option.

This article will teach you how to steam clean Samsung oven (step by step) in just 20 – 30 minutes to keep your appliance performing at its best.

Let’s get started:


How to steam clean Samsung oven [Step by step]

Follow these steps to make your unit sparkling clean via the steam clean option:


  • Before starting the steam cleaning cycle, remove all cookware (and other accessories) from the oven.
  • Also, remove the divider (if available).

Step by step

  • Pour about 10 ounces on the bottom of your empty oven.

steam clean samsung oven

  • Close the door.
  • Select Steam Clean.

How does the steam clean work on a Samsung oven?

  • Next, press Start/Set.

How long does it take to steam clean a Samsung oven?

  • Wait until the self cleaning cycle is complete. You should note the display blinking once the steam clean is completed. A beep will also sound.
  • Now press Off/Clear

Samsung oven self clean vs steam Clean

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Voila! That is how to steam clean Samsung oven.

All that remains now is to give it a rigorous wipe down –open the door and just use a sponge or dry cloth to wipe off all excess water from the oven bottom (be sure to wait for it to cool before doing this).

And oh, please remember to wipe even under your oven door seal.


  • Be careful when opening the oven door as the water you poured on the bottom at the start is usually hot.
  • Only use tap water -not distilled water- for the best results. In addition, you should use exactly 10 oz. (300 ml) of water as it leads to scintillating results.
  • For stubborn residue- for example, left over grease- it is advisable to rub detergent right into the residue prior to starting the steam-cleaning function. The detergent softens the residue and makes it easy for the steam to break it up.
  • Hot may pop up in the display in case the “Steam Clean” button is pressed when the oven temp is above 100°F.

Now, here is what you should know: Starting steam clean while the oven is cool will give the best cleaning results so it is best to wait till your oven cools down enough before pressing Steam Clean (Hot should have cleared from the display).

  • If your oven still appears dirty, try to run another steam-cleaning cycle but be sure to wait until the oven has properly cooled.
  • The controls to use vary a bit for touchscreen models and units with knobs. To be sure of the right buttons, check your user manual.
  • For units that come with a steam-clean tray, water should be poured in the steam-clean tray instead of the bottom.
  • Finally, for models with a reservoir, the steam-cleaning technique might go by the name Hybrid Clean. The most important thing to remember is that you should pour 2 & ¼ (one quarter) cups of water -in the reservoir and not the base as described above.


After the steam clean cycle is ended

Here are a few things you may need to do once you steam clean the oven (after the cycle ends):

  • Samsung recommends you leave the oven door open slightly to allow the oven interior to dry thoroughly (having it at a 15° angle is enough).
  • Wipe the interior of the oven including the racks using any of these items: detergent-soaked sponge, a nylon scrubber, or even a soft brush.
  • Meanwhile, you can use a nylon scourer to tackle any residue that has not budged. Note that the best way to get rid of lime deposits is by using a piece of vinegar-soaked cloth.



How to clean Samsung flex duo oven divider / how to clean Samsung oven partition                 

As mentioned, the Smart Divider must be removed before initiating steam clean on Samsung models with dividers such as Samsung flex duo oven divider.

But it will need cleaning and while there are a few options, the best way is perhaps to grab a wet cloth (make sure it is soft) and using your hand to initially wipe it.

After that, apply a bit of Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaner on a piece of Cerama Bryte pad (or any good brand of non abrasive pads) and rub the divider until very clean.

Next, allow the divider to dry and finally wipe it off using clean paper towel- This will give it a glittering finish.

Quick Tip: The cleaner does an amazing job of dissolving any stuck-on grime while the pads work without scratching it.


Steam clean vs self clean Samsung oven      

Now, some Samsung ovens offer both self cleaning and steam cleaning option and a lot of users wonder why the former should be there if the steam cleaning function is that good.

Well, here is our opinion:

While the self-clean feature produces great results as well- and there are hardly any issues if instructions are followed properly- the steam cleaning option has one major advantage…

You see, the steam cleaning function regulates the temp (and time) during the cleaning process.

Question: so, why is this important?

In self clean, the oven may get very hot once since temperature can easily exceed typical steam cleaning’s temp setting and you can easily get burned on touching the oven.

Worse still, the overly hot temperature can seriously compromise essential parts in your Samsung oven.

You certainly recall the other standout benefit of steam cleaning:  it doesn’t take as long as self cleaning (you may need to set it to self clean for 3 hours for super clean results).

In a nutshell, due to these key reasons, we feel that using self cleaning only makes sense when absolutely necessary.

For example, you may need to turn to self cleaning if you have an issue like Samsung oven steam clean not working.

In addition, the insanely high temperature could do the trick when tough fired-on gunk won’t budge from steam cleaning (no matter what you try).

That’s about when it comes to the Samsung oven self clean vs steam clean debate.       


How to steam clean Samsung oven – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to steam clean Samsung oven?

The oven should be clean in 20 -30 minutes (approximately)      

Samsung oven steam clean says hot ! Help

As we had indicated in an earlier part of the article, Hot will show if you try to launch steam clean when temp is above 100°F.

The solution is to wait for the oven to cool fully (until it stops saying hot!).                           


Final thoughts

The above procedure is general and we recommend you take a look at your owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

Don’t forget to try and run self clean (check instructions in this guide), if you can’t use the steam-cleaning feature.



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  1. What happens if the baked on grease is not removed? I tried all the above tips… steamed it 4 different times…. Didn’t budge!

  2. I have tried twice to do the steam clean and it did ok on the inside of the oven but not on the inside of the door. what can I put on it to help the steam remove the grease?

  3. I used Dawn powerwash on the door – just sprayed it on – let it sit for 10 minutes and wiped it off – a few spots i had to use a scrubby sponge on – it worked great – oven door hasn’t been this clean since I bought it.


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