How to load an impeller washer [Step by step]

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You probably know this: When your impeller washing machine is properly loaded, it will function optimally(you might have bought it because impeller models are gentler on fabrics compared to agitator washers).

But many folks believe that when it comes to loading an impeller washer, you just dump everything all in then have it work.

How wrong! The truth is you have to load the washer properly or else it won’t meet your performance expectations.

Which brings me to what I want us to look at in this article: How to load an impeller washer (the right way to load your impeller washer for the best performance and excellent results when doing your laundry).

Let’s dive in!

How to load an impeller washer (how to use impeller washing machine)

Here is how to load your impeller washer correctly:

Steps to follow when loading your impeller washer

Preliminary steps:

  • First, check around the unit and clear any obstructions.
  • Also, before loading your laundry check around the inside of the washer for any unwanted items.
  • Lastly, for those clothes with pockets, check to make sure that they are empty (no loose objects because they can cause damage to your washer as well as your clothes).

Loading the washer

  • Sort your laundry according to color and type of fabric.
  • Next, to help prevent clumping and tangling, fasten zippers, hooks, and drawstrings.
  • Then, for clothes that need presoaking, presoak or prewash first to help remove loose soils.
  • Now place a load of sorted clothes in the washer and make sure your clothes are in loose heaps, around the outside of the tub(on the inside).
  • Then fill it up about halfway (you don’t need to take them all the way up to the top).
  • Add the correct detergents, bleach, and fabric softener to the appropriate dispenser, and don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s directions regarding the right amount.
  • Close the lid once the washer is loaded.
  • Now, select the best cycle according to the type of load or fabric, and keep in mind that each cycle has a preset cycle time, recommended water temperature, and spin speed(Your owner’s manual will have the specific details).
  • Finally, activate the start button by pressing and holding your washer lid will lock- your washer will begin filling and the detergent will be dispensed.


How to properly load an impeller washer – Important tips

  1. Never overload the washer- this can cause poor cleaning. For a large load, it should not be more than half of the total wash load.
  2. For optimum wash performance, wash a few items in one load rather than a single piece of clothing-this helps prevent out-of-balance load issues, which can cause the cycle not to finish.
  3. Never shove your clothes down in your washer when so tightly packed -because they will not be able to slosh around and get the detergent in between the clothes(to actually get the clothes washed perfectly)
  4. When loading your clothes/items, load large bulky items first (blankets, pillows, comforters, bedspreads, etc.) and wash them individually.
  5. Buoyant and any other bulky items should be placed far down in the tub (as far as possible) for a good clean.
  6. Always remember to check clothing care labels and detergent bottles for special instructions and caution.
  7. Never reach into the washer while in operation- instead, first press the start pause bottom and allow the drum to come to a complete stop before reaching inside to either load or unload items.


How an impeller washer works

A washing machine with an impeller uses a low-profile cone, wheel, fin, or disc that spins/rotates to make your clothes gently rub against each other- this helps loosen and remove stains.

For that reason, these kinds of washers use fewer motions compared to washers with an agitator, which is why they’re gentler on your clothes.

There are other benefits of using an impeller washer including reduced water usage but perhaps being tenderer on garments is the biggest one.


How to load an impeller washer-FAQ

What are the benefits of an impeller washer?

An impeller washer does not have an agitator so when it comes to washing, the impeller rubs clothes against each other to deliver a thorough clean gently.

Additionally, these washers shorten drying time because it, in general, uses a higher drying spin speed that winks away more moisture.

Also, these types of washers tend to have more room in the wash basket for bulky clothes.

Do impeller washers get clothes clean?

An impeller washer usually delivers a gentler wash on your clothes and your garments should come out clean.

However, they do not wash heavily soiled clothes as well as washers with an agitator- the agitator normally cleans with way more vigorous motion.


How to load an impeller washer-Recap

When loading your impeller washer, it is important you remember never to shove clothes all together especially when they’re so tightly packed.

That is because they will not be able to slosh around and get the detergent in between the clothes, where it is needed to go to get your clothes sparkling clean.

Instead, make sure your clothes are in loose heaps, around the outside of the tub(on the inside).

I have explained all the impeller top load washer loading guidelines in the article so be sure to observe every step/tip to avoid disappointing cleaning results.


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