Honeywell thermostat screen not responding [Fixed]

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Your Honeywell thermostat screen not responding and won’t do a thing?

Well, you don’t necessarily need to call in a pro- here is what you can do to have it work properly again.

Honeywell thermostat screen not responding – list of troubleshooting steps to try and potential workarounds

Like with other programmable thermostats, Honeywell thermostat’s easy-to-read screen allows you to easily program your cooling and heating settings and enjoy blissful comfort at home.

Here is a list of the fixes you can try to eliminate the issue of your Honeywell thermostat screen not working:

Honeywell thermostat screen not responding – troubleshooting steps

Reset the thermostat

The first fix we suggest if your Honeywell thermostat touch screen is frozen is resetting the thermostat.

You see, programmable thermostats such as the ones made by Honeywell are pretty much like your PC (they have software controlling them) so resetting it (rebooting it) can be helpful.

To be specific, by rebooting, the memory is erased potentially clearing system hitches that may be causing the screen to stop responding.

Here is how to reset your Honeywell thermostat:

[Hint: The easiest way to reset nearly all Honeywell thermostat models is by removing the batteries then re-inserting them]


  1. Turn OFF the thermostat- simply set the thermostat’s switch to OFF.
  2. Next, switch OFF the circuit breaker.
  3. Open the battery door- the easiest way you can do this is by inserting a coin (or something similar) into the slot (on the door to the battery compartment) and then pushing it open.
  4. Now remove the batteries.
  5. Go ahead and re-insert the batteries but not in the normal way- you insert them backward, so the –ve (negative) pole will line up with the +ve (positive) terminal.
  6. Leave the batteries in this position (placed backward) for 5 seconds (at least).
  7. Remove the batteries once more and reinstall them properly –not backward. Finish by closing the battery door.
  8. If all is fine, the display should turn on meaning that you have just reset the thermostat to default settings.
  9. Turn ON the circuit breaker.
  10. Check if the thermostat screen is now responding.

Quick Tip:

For some Honeywell thermostats, you reset by simply holding down their reset buttons for 5 (or more seconds).

Of course, the final way to reset the thermostat- If all else won’t work- is by switching OFF power (turn the circuit breaker off) for a few minutes then turning it back ON.



Check and fix the wiring

Is your Honeywell thermostat screen frozen even after resetting the unit to factory settings?

If yes, there is another common solution you can try….

You see, sometimes the wires at the back of your thermostat may loosen messing the connectivity.

You cannot rule out this happening to your unit (it all boils down to the model) so it’s worth inspecting the wiring and repairing all the loose connections you might find.


  1. Be sure to turn off the thermostat first.
  2. Next, proceed to remove your thermostat’s cover. It is not really difficult – all you have to do to have the cover easily pop off is grasp the sides then pulling it off without too much force or strength.
  3. Locate the screws that fasten the base of your thermostat to the wall (for the most part, you will notice anything between two to four screws depending on your model).
  4. Go ahead and remove the screws.
  5. Remove the device from the wall.
  6. Open the thermostat- You will now see a couple of thin wires bundled together. This is a potential source of trouble.
  7. Check all around and see if there might be any wires hanging loosely (or not attached) and if you find any, connect them back the correct way (use fastening screws where necessary). You also want to check that there are not damaged or frayed wires as these could also be causing the malfunction (damaged wires may need to be replaced).
  8. Once satisfied, re-assemble everything and try to see if the screen will work again.

Honeywell thermostat touch screen frozen – Solution 3

Your Honeywell thermostat screen not responding to touch even now?

All is not yet lost- there is one more fix we suggest..

How to unfreeze Honeywell thermostat (Step-by-step)

Here are the steps to follow to try and unfreeze it (suffice to say that the process kind of resets the main board):

Step 1:  Remove your thermostat from wall

The first thing to do is again remove the thermostat from its wall mount.

Step 2: Pull the batteries out

The next step is removing the batteries from the battery compartment at the back of your thermostat. Use the same old trick to open the door (insert a coin or something similar).

Step 3: Pull the cover out

You want to access the inside so now you should pry the cover (off the front) of the thermostat, again without using excessive force- The last thing you want is to cause more damage by pulling it out forcefully.

Step 4: Remove both the circuit board and screen

Now you want to remove the two key components making up the stat- the circuit board and the screen itself.

Fortunately, removing them is fairly straightforward (pull them out after unfastening any holding screws/tabs/locks).

Step 5: Disconnect the circuit board

While being extremely careful, proceed to disconnect the two ribbons going to the board.

Simply pull them out from the board lightly.

Step 6: Restore the connection

Your last step is reconnecting the pair of ribbons to the board. You should finally put the thermostat back together starting with the circuit board and screen.

That is it!

Test if the screen has resumed normal operation.

Pro-Tip: Might you have connected  it to last renters wifi instead of yours? You see, it might have become unresponsive because its connected  to the old renters wifi and it no longer exists so change, if that’s what you have done.


Wrap up

Remember the easiest solution for this problem is recycling the thermostat- you can just pull it off its mounting – there are mounting pins that usually holds it and then reboot/remount it – it may help.

Now, if the above troubleshooting ideas do not fix your defective thermostat and the screen still won’t respond to touch, perhaps it’s time you seek professional help (You can call your landlord too, if you have just moved into a rental property-It is their duty to fix such issues).

And while at it, remember that nothing lasts forever and you might just be in need of a new stat.

Do your maths and decide if it’s worth paying for further diagnosis or just order a replacement.


Do you have  Honeywell/Resideo app? You see, if your  thermostat looks like a 4 ” square(with nothing else but a touch screen, then chances are you can do nearly everything via the app so give it a try.



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