About Frigidaire oven reset button and reset instructions

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So, is there a reset button on your Frigidaire oven you can press to restore it to factory settings and how do you reset a Frigidaire oven?               

Well, below is how to reset your Frigidaire oven if there is a temperature problem or if it’s just acting weird (there is really no dedicated Frigidaire oven reset button on most models):


How to reset your Frigidaire oven temperature (no special Frigidaire oven reset button is provided)

As mentioned, when you want to reset the unit temperature, you won’t find a special Frigidaire oven reset button on most units.

But the good thing is that resetting the oven temperature is pretty simple whether you want to reset to a lower temp (or you want to reset to a higher temp).


How do I reset my Frigidaire oven temperature?

Specifically, you should follow these steps…..

To reset to a Lower Base Temperature:

  1. Press the “Bake” button- you want to hold onto the button for about 6 seconds. You will notice the display reading 0 upon the expiry of the 6 seconds.
  2. Next, type the base temp you want to reset to.
  3. You then press “Self Clean” button. Just know that this won’t initiate a self-cleaning cycle- It is a way of telling the appliance that “Hey. I’m resetting you to use a lower temp setting”.
  4. Press “Start”.

That’s all. Your unit should now start to take more time to cook than it was previously doing.


To increase the Base Temperature:

  1. Press the “Bake” button- you want to hold onto the button for again about 6 seconds. The screen will read 0 after 6 seconds.
  2. Next, type the internal base temp you want to increase to.  
  3. Press “Start”.

That should be it…….the manufacturer-set internal base temp will be reprogrammed to the setting you have typed as soon as you press “Start”.


How to reset Frigidaire oven modes

You can reset your Frigidaire oven’s bake, broil, or roast modes simply by pressing “Cancel” button (some models).

Also, you can try this option if you want to reset cooking time for your food.


How to reset Frigidaire oven F10

Most error codes clear when you kill power to the oven for 1 to 2 minutes so try to unplug it (of flip the breaker) for 1-2 minutes.

Check if the code will go away after this.

More importantly, you need to know what to do to prevent the code from coming back.

Below is how to resolve the error code permanently:


Replace the temperature sensor

You will measure your oven temperature sensor resistance to be sure using a multimeter first – and you want it to be near 1100 ohms (when room temperature is 75 degrees).

Replace the part if the resistance turns out to be below 1000 ohms or above 1300 ohms.


Replace the unit’s sensor wire harness has proper resistance (and replace, if needed)

If your temperature sensor appears okay, the other thing to test is the unit’s sensor wire harness and you’ll be looking for the above-mentioned resistance readings.


  1. Remove the top.
  2. Remove the back panel.
  3. Plug the harness back into to the sensor and unplug the other end from the control board.
  4. Check resistance through the sensor and the wire harness.

You need to purchase and install a replacement if you do not get the required resistance.


Replace the electronic control board

If the readings still look fine and you continue to receive the pesky F10 error code when you are trying to cook, I suggest that you try to replace the control board.


Important tip

The beeping sound can be extremely annoying so you should unplug the oven or shut off your house circuit breaker for the appliance to stop beeping.

Be sure to leave the oven unplugged or the circuit breaker shut off if the beeping resumes as soon as you restore power.

Fortunately, once you find and fix the issue that’s causing the F10 error code, the oven won’t beep again.


How to reset Frigidaire oven F90

If the door is locked and it’s throwing error F90, try to reset the error as follows:

  1. Unplug the oven.
  2. Wait about 1 minute.
  3. Turn the oven back on, then while you are holding in on the oven door, start another self-clean.
  4. Wait 2 minutes then cancel the self-clean.
  5. Do not release the door until the door lock light goes out.

More about F90 error code

The F90 code indicates the electronic oven control board is detecting an issue with the door lock system.

Now, if the issue keeps popping up, you will need to check all the parts of the door lock system to see which component is faulty.

Typically, you might need to change out the Door lock assembly or oven control board.

Remember that sometimes the issue is bad wiring so start by checking if there are frayed wires (or badly connected wiring).


How to reset Frigidaire oven after power outage

If you feel that a power outage could have caused an issue that is causing your oven to act up, you should try to reset it as follows:

Simply unplug your oven (or trip the breaker) for 5 minutes.

After the five minutes have lapsed, go ahead and re-introduce power to your unit and see if the problem will be resolved.

If there is no change, that should be confirmation that the oven needs further troubleshooting.


Final words

If the above steps do not work, please refer to your owner’s manual (note that there is no special Frigidaire oven reset button).

Your other option is to reach out to Frigidaire appliance repair service–  the technician will outline the steps to follow to reset your specific Frigidaire oven model.

PS: If you have misplaced your owner’s manual, you can download it from Frigidaire’s website here.



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