Frigidaire oven control board troubleshooting manual [Best fixes]

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The control board in your Frigidaire oven monitors the oven temperature and controls the heat so your appliance won’t bake properly (it may not cook at all) or will have weird behavior when you try to operate it, if the board is defective.

So, how can you be sure that it is the control board that is causing the oven to act up and how can you troubleshoot your Frigidaire oven control board?

In this Frigidaire oven control board troubleshooting guide, I will point out the symptoms of bad oven control board and how to fix Frigidaire oven control board.

Read through it if you suspect board failure in your Frigidaire oven and try the indicated fixes- it is worthy to attempt to fix it rather than spending hundreds of dollars on a new oven.


Frigidaire oven control board troubleshooting

Before we look at the Frigidaire oven control board troubleshooting steps, you need to be aware of the symptoms of a failing/failed circuit board.

So below are the signs that usually point to a bad board when it comes to Frigidaire brand ovens:


Symptoms of bad control board in most Frigidaire ovens (symptoms of bad oven control board)

Once you see these symptoms, it is very likely the problem is the oven’s electronic control module:

  1. Your oven comes on but the temperature just keeps rising causing the oven to get too hot (your oven may even be experiencing runaway temperature issue intermittently).
  2. The display is not showing anything (it appears dead) – It can be a keypad issue but it is also likely to be a control board failure.
  3. It won’t function properly (on pressing the buttons) and you’re sure the keypad is working (the display changes/makes beeps on pressing the buttons). It could even be that you have just changed the keypad and problems still remain.
  4. The cooking functions won’t work (none of them works) yet other functions (including timing) are working normally.
  5. Your oven is occasionally turning on the broil during regular baking- this is another occasional symptom.
  6. Your oven won’t turn off.
  7. You are constantly experiencing heating problems (and it is not the bake element or broil element) or even error codes such as F10- you’re probably having a defective control board though more investigations may be needed.


Frigidaire oven control board troubleshooting

Unfortunately, there is no easy DIY solution for a faulty control board and the best repair is replacing the control board.

That said, you can try resetting first…

How do you reset a Frigidaire oven control board?

Below is how to reset Frigidaire oven control board:

To reset it, just unplug the oven then wait about a minute then plug it back in.

This should reset the board and clear any errors that are causing problems (if that is the case).


Frigidaire oven control board not working – What else should I try?

If that does not work, you can try basic troubleshooting as follows:

With the appliance unplugged, take everything apart to access the control board.

Once there, inspect it all around the control board and see if there are any burnt spots, scorched or broken wires, and if all the connections are properly made (repair as needed and replace burnt wires).

Next, with a multimeter/ohm meter, try to test your unit’s broil and bake elements for continuity.

This is the easiest way of testing if the elements are good or defective (they need to be replaced if no continuity).

Now, if these repairs do not work for you, then you need to order and install a replacement control board.


Important tip

Before you order through Amazon (if this is the route you will go), look up the exact part number for your oven- when reaching out to the vendors, they will need the part# and not the model number to be able to recommend the correct part.

Also, you can just Google your particular model number to find the needed part number – If you haven’t already done that.

How to replace Frigidaire oven control board -Frigidaire oven control board replacement steps

If you have chosen DIY Repair, follow these steps upon receiving the correct part number to fit your model (it’s a totally easy-peasy replacement):

  1. Unplug the electricity (if you have not done that already).
  2. Take apart everything until you access the control board.
  3. Remove the screws (only!) from the bad control board and get it out– you should not detach the wiring at this point so the board should be ‘hanged’ from the oven (hang it from the back).
  4. Now attach the new board (with the screws) to the oven.
  5. Next, peel the overlay from the old board (new boards have not been coming with a matching overlay)-you can use a small pearing knife to remove the adhesive holding the overlay to the old board.
  6. Properly affix the removed overly to your new board.
  7. Now disconnect the wires (from the old board, while it is still hanging from the oven) and connect them -one by one- to the new circuit board. That way, you will place each wire to the exact place it should be.
  8. Once you have connected and secured all wires, proceed to plug electricity back in and test to see if it is working as expected.
  9. If all is fine, put the oven back together and return it to its place.

That is it! As you can see, it should be a breeze even if you are not particularly mechanically inclined.


Frigidaire oven control board replacement -Helpful tips

Be careful about the overlay

Before replacing the old control board, ensure the overlay (the sticker -on the front- that labels your unit’s buttons) peels off while in one piece.

If it doesn’t, you will have to order a new overlay too (and that is an extra expense).


Be keen when connecting the wiring

Another piece of important advice:

Take a quick picture of all the wiring locations (on your old control board) prior to removal.

Remember that, as mentioned earlier, you can also simply unplug them (one, at a time) while immediately connecting the wires to the new control board.


You don’t want to get the wires mixed up because it won’t function until you correct the mix-up.


How do you fix a Frigidaire oven control board – Conclusion

If your Frigidaire oven won’t bake properly (and you are experiencing problems such as runaway oven temperatures), the control board is likely damaged.

Try the tips in this guide before calling a repairman (or buying a new oven)- it could save you $$$!

Happy baking!


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