Best heat gun for epoxy resin (reviews)

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Shop for the best heat gun for epoxy resin and create stunning epoxy crafts and jewelry projects that captivate your friends (and foes!).

Bubbles are your biggest enemy for projects involving epoxy resin- of course, some pop on their own but there are those stubborn that you must burst!

Don’t worry; simply unleash a heat gun – yes, heat gun gets really hot- on the annoying micro-sized air bubbles and create beautiful and exclusive epoxy resin finishes (colorful or crystal clear).

To point you in the right direction- we’re assuming that you’re shopping for the best heat gun for epoxy resin- here is our review of the best heat guns for epoxy resin crafts and jewelry.

Best heat gun for epoxy resin – reviews of the top 3 heat guns you can buy

The special thing about these tools is that they’re specially built for epoxy resin creations.

More importantly, the force behind the blown air is not excessive so they don’t blow your wet resin out (or make it splash and split)!

And, they all work great – no bubbles remain -even if you’re a beginner.

How cool is that?

M-life Mini Heat Gun – Dual-Temperature Heat Tool

This 300 Watt mini heat gun is perfect for bubble-free epoxy resin pieces that are flawlessly cured.

We especially love that it comes with two temperature settings – High heat (572℉/300℃) and Low heat (392℉/200℃)- for more versatility.

Of course, it’s best to use the lower power setting for your epoxy glitter tumblers (and other delicate resin projects)- the higher setting comes with intense air pressure and can blow resin around.

All the essentials are there including built-in over-heat protection to shut it automatically in case it overheats.

We are happy as well with its quality, its small, easy-to-handle size, and the conveniently long power cord (6.5ft).

Something else: This is a budget heat gun so it’s a perfect match if you’re running short of funds.

So, whether you’ve worked with epoxy resin before and want to take your craft up a notch or you’re just starting out with your first piece, this mini heat gun got you covered when it comes to the awful air bubbles.


  • Great price.
  • Pops out every other bubble out of your resin.
  • Versatile tool.


  • Not great for acrylic pouring.


Specially-Made Heat Bubble Buster Gun best heat gun for acrylic pouring and making epoxy tumblers

When it comes to removing bubbles from resin, this Bubble Buster Tool stands head and shoulders above everyone else.

In fact, it’s specially designed to smooth bubbles out of your epoxy to help you make sparkling epoxy tumblers.

It earns a perfect score for its strong heat – it gets quite hot and the heat (300 Watts) is not just strong to pop all bubbles but it also does it absolutely quickly.

Plus, it heats up really fast.

It also impresses with its simplicity- you’ll love the easy-to-use one button switch.

Besides, the tool is super lightweight and great to hold too thanks to the salient nonskid design on the handle.

In short, this little heat gun is a great choice to consider and we cannot recommend it enough for passionate DIYers.


  • Works like a charm even for acrylic pouring.
  • Feels sturdy.
  • Easy to use.


  • Can be a bit loud.


Chandler Heat Gun (300 Watt)- Professional Heat Tool

There aren’t many power tools in the market that are perfect but this heat gun is very close.

First off, it’s insulated so it will never get too hot for you.

There are other nice safety features too including a unique nozzle safety shield.

This is, actually, the only UL-Safety Certified heat gun to make it to our top three list!

I must add that it’s ergonomic and lightweight- bigger traditional “gun-like” heat guns are generally too heavy and tire out arms pretty quickly.

That’s not all: Chandler Tool- an American brand BTW-has used an all-metal precision heating element in this superbly advanced heat gun so it really offers excellent heat transfer and it goes about the bubbles popping job impressively.

Remember that you get to choose between the low speed/heat setting or high speed/heat setting (for high-volume work) in this compact, all-round package.


  • Won’t mess your silicone molds.
  • Compact size – easy to carry around..
  • Cute heat gun!


  • You pay more than the other two models.

Best heat gun for epoxy resin- buying guide

Using a heat gun to battle the pesky bubbles is going to make your life easier than when using a hairdryer (they don’t get sufficiently hot) or even a propane torch (Though torches are good at getting bubbles out of epoxy, we fear the fire hazard!).

So, what should you look out for when shopping for a heat gun for your super extraordinary epoxy art?

Well, there’s not a lot to worry about when shopping for the best heat gun for resin painting and like projects because its mechanism is fairly simple.

Having said that, you’ll still need to keep an eye on factors such as its temperature, safety controls, and flow of hot air (you want measured air flow).

Here are some useful tips:

  • About temperature– Whatever the technology, any heat gun suitable for bubble removal in epoxy resin crafts should quickly hit hot temperature (most heat at between 120°F to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Safety controls – Your safety comes first. You should, therefore, go for a unit with reassuring safety features. These include anti-overheating options, insulated parts, etc.
  • The question of exceedingly hot air– Having variable airflow setting makes your heat gun easier to control (aggressive air flow is bad news for molds), and undeniably, more versatile.
  • Power– Some models use 110V voltage and a voltage converter will be required to use it with 220-volt AC (220V).
  • Also great– Extras such as a long cord, an ergonomic handle, and a hanging hook (for storage) are great ideas too and worth considering.


Wrap up

No matter how hard you try, bubbles tend to occur in most epoxy resin projects and they can certainly mess your final piece.

Add one of these most recommended heat guns to your collection of tools and say bye to pesky bubbles forever.

Over to you.



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