Trane AC error codes and potential fixes

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Your trace air conditioner may display an error code when a fault occurs. Here is a list of common Trane AC error codes and their meaning to help you resolve the fault:

Trane ac error codes – list of Trane error codes and potential fixes (in some cases)

Section 1: Trane split ac error codes

Error Code 0x0

Meaning: Filter choke error.

Suggested troubleshooting: Clean the filters and retry.

Error Code 0x0

Meaning:  Battery low error.

Suggested troubleshooting: Change the battery


Error Code 0x0A

Meaning:  input power issue

Suggested troubleshooting: Check if the power cord is fine and connected properly.

Error Code 0x0B

Meaning:  Possible fan failure

Suggested troubleshooting: Check the fan and replace, if necessary. Contact an experienced technician for help if you lack the knowhow to handle the procedure.

Trane mini split error codes F0

Meaning: For the most part, Trane AC error codes F0 indicates that the system is running low on refrigerant (perhaps due to a leak).

Possible fix: Look for and fix the leak. Empty and then refill the refrigerant correctly.

Trane mini split error codes E7

Meaning: Mode fault between indoor and outdoor unit.

Possible fix: Turn power off (at the breaker) to reset the issue.

Trane mini split error code E6

Meaning: communication error. Could be caused by incorrect wiring or main board problem.

Possible fix: Check wiring and/or the Main board ap1/ap2


Trane Split System Error Codes –other error codes explained

Error Code 0x01

Meaning: EEPROM error (there could be an issue with the communication circuit). The AC will probably stop working.

Error Code 0x0

Meaning: The compressor has failed or the unit is low on Refrigerant (again as a result of a leakage issue). Note that the unit is likely to stop working here as well.

Error Code 0x04


Meaning: Indoor temp sensor problem (Room)- Room temp sensor may have failed.

Error Code 0x05

Meaning:  Outdoor temp sensor issue.

Error Code 0x06

Meaning:  Indoor coil sensor fault.

Error Code 0x08

Meaning:  Communication error (both the indoor and outdoor unit likely to stop).

Trane mini split error codes E3

Meaning: low pressure fault.

Trane Mini TVR 5G error codes – summary of common malfunction codes and meaning

Outdoor unit – (12/14/16KW)

H0– M_Home unmatching(Reserve)

E0– EEPROM Fault

E2– Communication fault between the outdoor chip and indoor chip

E3– Communication error between the  Main board & IR341

E4– Outdoor unit sensor issue

E5– Voltage protection error

E6– Direct-current fan fault

E7– Heating fan fault (in area A) lasts for five minutes

E8 (Trane ac error code E8) – There are 2 times E6 fault (see E6 above) in 10 minutes (recovery after powering off).

Outdoor unit-(8/10.5/18kW)

E2– Communication malfunction between the indoor/outdoor unit

E4– T3&T4 temperature sensor issue

E7– Compressor discharge temp sensor malfunction

E9– EEPROM malfunction

EA- A fan (in A region) run for over 5 minutes in the Heat mode

H0– Communication error between IR341/main board

L0– Module malfunction

L4– MCE fault/simultaneously/cycle loop

Trane troubleshooting codes –

Trane ac error code E1

Meaning: This indicates that there could be Indoor PCB problem

Trace AC Error code EC

Meaning: Refrigerant leak detection malfunction (Applies to Trane inverter air Conditioner Only)

Trace AC Error code P3 (indoor unit)

Meaning: Compressor current protection (The unit’s protection system has detected that the compressor could be drawing excessive current).

Recommended troubleshooting: Reset power to your system and check if the code disappears after this.

Trace AC Error code L3

Meaning: Outdoor fan 1 protection error.

Trane ac error code E3

Meaning: Error code E3 typically indicates low pressure protection.

Suggested action: Check that the system has been installed properly (pipes sized and also routed correctly). Also verify that the indoor & outdoor units have required clearances. If this does not help, check if refrigerant charge is enough (proper refrigerant charge needs to be maintained). If installation and refrigerant charge are correct, it could be that one/more EEVs is stuck. Check and repair.


Trane air conditioner error code 106

Meaning: Air handler might not be sensing power perhaps due to a tripped circuit breaker, power cutoff, failure switch, fried fuse, or board issue.

Suggested Troubleshooting: Use a multimeter to test the unit’s power supply system and repair as necessary.

Trane ac unit error codes – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I reset my Trane air conditioner?

To have your Trane air conditioner reset (and clear an error code), all you need to do is simply reset the circuit breaker.

We suggest you wait a couple of minutes before restarting the unit.
What does E7 mean on Trane mini split?

The error code E7 typically points to a mode fault between indoor and outdoor unit. You can try turning power off (at the circuit breaker) to see if this will get rid of the issue.

What does H3 mean on Trane mini split?

Trane mini split error codes H3 may indicate compressor overheating protection (meaning that something could have caused the compressor to overheat (for example, a faulty condenser fan or Dust and debris build up on/around compressor).


Wrap up

If you find working with electronics fun, you might be able to resolve some of the most annoying Trane ac error codes using the ideas we have shared in the guide.

But if not, you need to call a pro- it is best to reach out to your local Trane Comfort Specialist if you’re unsure about who to contact.

PS: Head over to Trace’s main website for more troubleshooting tips if your issue persists.


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