Tile and grout cleaning machine for home use [Reviews]

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Forget handheld brushes –a tile and grout cleaning machine for home use would do wonders on your tile floors and save you hours of work!

That being so, below we review the best tile and grout cleaning machines for home use to point you in the right direction if you’re tired of doing all that scrubbing time and again.


Tile and grout cleaning machine for home use

Below are the machines we recommend if you want to clean tiles and filthy grout without having to go down on your knees and scrub:


Prolux Core Floor Buffer/Floor Polisher & Tile Scrubber

professional tile cleaning machine

While it’s marketed as ideal for commercial uses, the Prolux Core Floor Buffer/Tile Scrubber is excellent at light-duty jobs and the price is not crazy.

Most importantly, it more or less delivers commercial quality cleaning so your clay or ceramic tiles will turn out really shiny (you can use it with ZEP grout cleaner/brightener).

It’s super easy to set-up and the brush head works well (make sure it’s attached very securely).

We love that the brush attachment and the scrubbing pad are designed for a mind-blowing polishing and cleaning job.

The motor appears sufficiently strong and reliable as well.

It’s stable and has proper weight (not too light nor too heavy).

Another welcome feature is the long power cord (50 feet).

Overall, this is a much quicker way to clean tiles and grout wonderfully with little effort!

Key Specs/Features

  • 13 inches cleaning path width
  • Ergonomic handle (locking handle and pivot)
  • 50 foot cord
  • 1 pad (for grout, tile, concrete)
  • High torque random orbit motor-250 watts (Voltage is 115, 60hz)
  • 150 RPM
  • Dimensions: 15x10x31 inches
  • Weight: 28 pounds



  • Adjustable handle!
  • Does a fantastic job (with no strain)
  • Fair price.


  • We wish there was a sort of a clip to hold the attachments more securely (they sometimes fall off).



Grout Groovy Electric Stand-Up Tile Grout Cleaner (Best floor cleaning machine for home if you have been struggling with cleaning grout)

professional tile cleaning machine

This is perhaps the best grout cleaning machine for home use out there and should make your life easier when it comes to cleaning grout between your floor tiles.

You see, Grout Groovy’s vertical brush effortlessly gets to the grout(a brush struggles to reach the grout) so it does a very good cleaning job and your tiles will look like new again.

Okay, you still need to control the machine to keep it firmly on the grout (because the wheel can sometimes start to just slide around when it gets wet) but other than that, it’s very easy to work with (and handle).

It’s also easy to assemble and strong(the handle does not feel flimsy)

Trust us: You’ll wish you had done it sooner- it’s that awesome!

Key Specs/Features

  • Multi-use design (works on porcelain, ceramic tiles, and more)
  • Grime guard (keep dirt contained)
  • Motor size: 120v-60Hz-1.3Amp (running draw)
  • No-load speed:1200 RPM’s
  • Weight: less than 4 lbs.
  • Grout Cleaning Brush Wheel(1).
  • 20’ cord


  • Very little splattering (from the brush) because of the included safety guard.
  • It works great (particularly with Clorox spray cleaning agent).
  • Very easy to use


  • We wish the brushes are a little stiffer (The nylon bristles can wear down quite fast if you are cleaning a large area). According to the vendor, a brush lasts for about 500 square feet (of tile) depending on how filthy the grout is (brush can be swapped when worn out and you can order extra brush wheel here).



PS: See how to use this Tile and grout cleaning machine for home use

electric grout cleaning machine

Manufacturer’s Note: Grout Groovy should not be used for hardwood floors.


McCulloch MC1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner /-one of the best known domestic floor tile cleaning machines


tile and grout cleaning machines for sale

A steam cleaner like this McCulloch MC1275 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner is fantastic for just about everything including cleaning grout and tile mopping and is our final pick.

To be honest, the steamer works like a dream on tile floors- simply attach the little scrubber brush and start to toil away at the tiles.

Well, at first it won’t seem like you’re doing anything but after a few 5 seconds of going back and forth, you’ll be awed by the results!

It is very maneuverable (the hose is quite long) as you move around the room and it’s remarkably powerful.

Oh, and it will be sanitizing as it is cleaning so it helps eliminate any bacteria and other nasty germs from floors.

It’s easy to use, lightweight, and heats up pretty fast.

The tank also holds enough water (to last a longer time than similar steamers)

Plus, it’s a good quality machine (it can last for a couple of years).

The bottom-line?

It’s time for those grout lines to be finally white again- and this steam cleaner is a monster for such jobs.

Key Specs/Features

  • 18 accessories for more cleaning jobs (mop pads, floor mop, nylon brushes, scrub pad, brass brush, 8.5″ squeegee, and more)
  • Extra-long power cord (15. 7-foot)
  • 9+ foot steam hose
  • 48-ounce water tank (45+ minutes of steam)
  • Heating time: Under 8 minutes (can heat over 200 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Lockable steam trigger (optional) for non-stop steam cleaning
  • Powerful jet nozzle
  • Carrying handle
  • Dimensions: 8″(H) x 5.2″(W) x 10.7″(D)
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Motor: 900 Watts, 120V



  • Works really perfect on tiles and filthy grout
  • It wheels very well around tile floors
  • Not too big (fits perfectly in a closet)


  • The cord does not recoil nor is there a place it can be wrapped into.




Tile and grout cleaning machine for home use – final options

If you’d like to explore further, you may want to look at Black and Decker Scumbuster (It does a brilliant job of cleaning any tile floor – it probably cleans more immaculately than using some steam cleaners).

Finally, you can also purchase the Oreck hard floor Orbiter/Cleaner Machine (it’s excellent even on really stained grout).

Remember a tile and grout cleaning machine is worth it because life is way, way too short for all that hand scrubbing!


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