Standing hair dryer for home – 3 Beautiful Choices

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Gorgeously styled hair can do wonders for your self-image and self-confidence.

And let’s be honest: there’s no way you’ll get the sleek, enviable hair you so much covet without a great hair dryer.

Now, if you’re obsessed with styling your tresses each day at home, you may want to add a standing hair dryer for home to your must-have hairdressing equipment list.

Of course, a standing hairdryer edges out regular hair dryers in several ways.

For example, with these hairdryers, multitasking is not an issue- you can do nearly anything while drying your hair (you can read a magazine, do your nails, and refresh your make-up just to mention but a few of the things you could do).

In addition, you can absolutely move these around so you don’t have to do your hair from the same spot each time.

Plus, standing hair dryers tend to be equipped with the best hair styling technologies- ionic technology/infrared technology, now that they were originally intended to be used in professional hair salons.

If you want to take this route, have a look at the most reliable standing hair dryers for home use to consider when shopping for one.

Standing hair dryer for home – 3 Beautiful Choices


Gold N Hot Professional 1875W Ionic Stand Bonnet Dryer– Best Overall

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For a professional hair setting, you don’t have to make those long bookings anymore. All you need is the Gold N Hot 1875W Ionic Stand Bonnet Dryer.

The device has an ionic generator with an on/off switch to help your hair go static-free and give you a natural feel.

In addition, the dryer comes with tourmaline-infused. This maximizes ion production to close the cuticle and create silky, smooth hair.

You will also love the size of the dryer’s adjustable bonnet- it’s actually big enough to allow you to use a hair roller whenever you fancy.

The 4 styling settings give you more styling options to work with.

Finally, the dryer features a removable air intake grille and removable legs for compact storage.


  • Suits all hair types.
  • Gets your hair dry in 30 minutes.
  • Perfect for all roller sizes.
  • Nice cord length- 10 ft.


  • The device has no timer.



Professional 1300W Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer Stand Up Rolling Base with Wheels Salon Equipment – Runners Up

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Here is another of the best freestanding hair dryers you can always count on for professional results at home.

The machine – an increasingly popular choice among folks- comes with a swivel hood with a hinged hood door and an adjustable visor.

And like it’s Gold N Hot pro-level competitor, the dryer comes with an adjustable hood that accommodates myriad roller sizes. To be specific, the hood is 20” deep.

Notably, you can custom set the machine making it perfect for sophisticated styles.

For instance, the machine allows you to adjust the working temperature from 0 degrees Celsius all the way to 75 degrees Celsius.

And oh, the timer setting (0-60 minute timing function) works perfectly.

Keep in mind that the height is adjustable from 48” to 63”.

The other highlight is portability- the wheels in this machine are of greater quality so it can be wheeled around quickly and without hiccups.

Need we say more?


  • Dries hair really fast.
  • Very well built.
  • Extremely quiet.
  • Super easy to custom-set


  • Wish the machine was designed to raise a little higher.



Giantex Adjustable Hood Floor Hair Bonnet DRYER Stand Up Rolling Base Salon Wheels – Great Value

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You can’t go wrong with Giantex if you’re looking for high blast airflow, a great hood especially for larger foils and/or rollers, and ultimate comfort around the neck.

The timing and temperature functions are as good as they come- It has a timing range of 0 to 60 minutes while you can set the temperature between 40 and 60 degree Celsius.

Plus, you can adjust the Giantex hair dryer’s pole height to stand where you will be most relaxed.

Still, the lamp position can be adjusted for your convenience.

The other beauty is that the base is built sturdy and durable- and the wheeled legs support this wonderful piece of hair care equipment nicely.

If you aren’t the tech type, don’t worry….There is minimal assembly required for the device to start working.

Overall, it’s an awesome hair dryer for its value


  • Very comfortable.
  • Big size- great for large hair rollers.
  • Very easy to put together.
  • Quick drying time.


  • The leg design looks somewhat awkward.




Choosing the Best Standing Hair Dryer for Home

  1. Power ratings: Power rating tops the list of the most important factors to consider when buying a standing hair dryer for home or commercial use. Simply stated, higher wattage= more power. That means your dryer will effectively produce more heat and dry your hair in a short time.
  2. Timing function: The next key function to look out for is the timer- you want to be cautious not to overstay underneath a hooded hairdryer (The result would be damaged hair or scalp). Needless to say, a timer will help you prevent this.
  3. Adjustable heat settings: Different hair types need different treatment. Therefore, a hairdryer with variable heat settings will allow you to set the machine to suit your hair type.
  4. Well-made wheels: Buyers often overlook this feature assuming that they won’t have to move the hairdryer yet you may need to move the dryer at times. For this reason, make sure that it has good quality wheels. Indeed, it’s best to go for lockable wheels as they ensure the hairdryer won’t make accidental movements.
  5. Adjustable height: For a more pleasant experience, go for a dryer whose height you can adjust.

Wrapping up

The best standing hair dryers for at home hair treatments vary in terms of settings, price, and even design (to some extent), but each of these three picks has what it takes to save you from costly and time-wasting trips to the salon.

Read through again (if necessary) and pick your favorite- your hair will thank you.

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