Portable air conditioner with condensate pump –Top 3 Units [Reviews]

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Portable air conditioner with condensate pump: Keep your space cool and comfortable with a portable air conditioner featuring a built-in condensate pump for continuous drainage.

If you live in an area that experiences extreme humidity for extended periods, you may want to purchase a portable air conditioner with condensate pump.

The primary advantage of buying such a unit is that it will automatically drain collected water (during operation) so that you do not have to manually empty it every so often.

All you have to do to have it auto drain is attach a drain hose.

Below we review the best 3 portable AC units with condensate pump to point you in the right direction.

Portable air conditioner with condensate pump –3 best fully self evaporating portable air conditioners [Reviews]

For starters, a condensate pump can evacuate water vertically (for example, through a window) since it doesn’t rely on gravity so you enjoy more versatility as regards where to locate the PAC.

Now, if you’re among the group that can’t wait to own a portable air conditioner with condensate pump, here are the models that impressed us most.


Whynter ARC-122DHP Dual Hose elite Portable air conditioner, Heater, Dehumidifier – Best dual hose portable air conditioner with condensate pump


portable ac condensate pump

This wonderful portable AC provides 12000BTU cooling and 10000BTU heating output- all in an extremely compact and portable size.

It is a great self-evaporating unit and it typically expels nearly all condensate except on days when the weather is exceedingly humid.

The good news is that the internal condensate pump will come in handy during such days- you simply connect the included 16.5′ drain hose and relax (it will start to pump out the condensate continuously).

I should add that it can pump moisture out up a 10′ vertical lift.

It’s a dual hose unit meaning more air intake, constant air pressure, and improved cooling power- it cools way faster than similar single-hose units (you can operate it as a single hose unit as well).

And while set to dehumidifier mode, the unit extracts 76 pints (of excess moisture) within a 24-hour period.

Don’t forget that you can set it to cycle on/off automatically thanks to the timer.

And oh, there is a remote control to help you easily control the temperature, fan speed, and dehumidifier settings.

It’s worth mentioning that this PAC uses the eco-friendly R410A refrigerant.

Plus, it is made with RoHS compliant components (all are free of any toxic chemicals).

Set-up is easy-peasy whether in a server room, bedroom, garages, or workshop (it is best for cooling rooms up to 400sq.ft).

The solid rolling casters will allow you quickly move it from room to room.


Weight 60 pounds
Noise level  52 dBA
Dimensions 17×29.5×16 inches
Model number ARC-122DHP
Color Multicolor
Voltage 115 Volts
Installation Method Window
Air Flow Capacity 155 Cubic Feet/Minute
Special Features Dehumidifier, remote control
Included Components Portable AC, Remote Control, Exhaust Hose, Window Kit, Storage bag
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No



Whynter ARC-143MX  portable air conditioner with pump (single hose air conditioning condensate pump)

portable ac with condensate pump

Our second favorite small portable air conditioner with condensate pump is the Whynter ARC-143MX  portable air conditioner with pump.

You’ll enjoy improved cooling and heating capacity – up to 14,000 BTUs (cooling) and 11000 BTU (heating) though it is beaten when it comes to dehumidification (71 pints/day vs the 76 pints/day extracted by its sibling ARC-122DHP).

Back to cooling and this works superbly for rooms up to 500 sq. ft. (assuming normal ambient temperature/humidity).

Moving on, there are more operational modes too (5); cool, dehumidify, auto, heat, and fan.

Note that you can adjust the temp from 62 -88 degrees and set the timer to have it start/shut down at preset times.

The other thing we appreciate is the auto-restart function- it automatically restarts on your previous settings once power is restored (after an outage).

And similar to our top-rated pick from Whynter, this portable AC has a 24-hour programmable timer along with a helpful remote – these two will help you manage your cooling more easily.

Furthermore, it has casters for easier mobility.

Of course, the internal condensate pump will be extremely useful on days with overwhelming humidity- remember the auto-pump function can be used to pump the condensate moisture up (and out) again via the included 16.5-inch drain hose for constant water removal (its power will push water up a 15 inch vertical lift).


Weight 73 pounds
Sound Level 55dB
Dimensions 15.75 x18.5 x30.25 inches
Color White
Style Air Conditioner and Heater
Voltage 115 Volts
Wattage 1580 watts
Installation Method Window
Air Flow Capacity 292 Cubic Feet /Minute
Sound Level 55 dB
Special Features Heater
Included Components Air Con, exhaust hose (extendable up to 59″), Remote control,  plastic window kit (upgraded up to 48″).
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No
Refrigerant type R-410A
Warranty Description One year limited warranty.



Hainer portable ac with condensate pump

portable ac with pump

Our final recommendation- if the best two are unavailable or have a price jump- is Hainer portable ac with condensate pump.

This all in one portable AC also does nearly everything you need- it will cool, dehumidify, and heat so you’ll enjoy bliss comfort year round.

And with 12000BTU cooling power, this is yet another fantastic option for rooms up to 400 sq ft.

The airflow is rated 290 m3/hr (170 cubic feet/minute), moisture removal/dehumidifier at 90 pints/ 24-hours and running noise level at just 56dBa.

As with its peers, the self-evaporative condensate system does most of the evaporation when the climate is ‘normal’ while the condensate pump will automatically remove accumulated condensation in more drastic conditions.

The lovely features available in its rivals are included in this unit too including a 24-hour timer, a digital remote control, and 4 excellent rolling wheels.

This friendly and versatile portable air con features a super lightweight, sleek body design so it will look stylish in your bedroom, garage, or living room.

Try it for your home, office, or business rooms- you can never go wrong with this unit.


Item Weight 70.9 pounds
Product Dimensions 17.8x15x30.5 inches
Batteries 2AAA batteries required(included)
Noise 56 dB
Special Features Elegant LED display
Color White
Voltage 115 Volts
Material ABS Plastic
Batteries Included? Yes
Batteries Required? No
Refrigerant type R-410A



Portable air conditioner with condensate pump – Frequently asked questions [FAQS]

Can I run AC without condensate pump?

Well, technically, you really do not need to connect the condensate pump If it is possible drain everything that goes to condensate pump (water when it comes to an AC unit) out the floor drain.

Otherwise, if  a floor drain is not there, then an air conditioning condensate pump will be very necessary- it will be pump everything over to something like a sink (or any other available draining outlet).


Best self evaporating portable air conditioner reviews -Final word

Before first use, be sure to allow the AC to sit upright -for at least one day (24 hours)- if your AC was not stored and transported while standing upright.

Good luck with your purchase.


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