Maytag dishwasher troubleshooting control panel [Try these fixes]

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This Maytag dishwasher control panel repair guide will help you try to troubleshoot the control panel on your Maytag brand dishwasher if it has stopped working entirely (or is otherwise acting up).

Let’s dive in:

Maytag dishwasher troubleshooting control panel [problems and possible fixes]

Just to give you ideas, there are a number of reasons why the control panel on the dishwasher is not working properly (or won’t respond at all).

These include:

  • A programming error could have upset the control panel.
  • Control Lock is active.
  • The control panel ribbon cable connection is loose/corroded.

Now, the correct fix will depend on the nature of the problem you’re experiencing.

Let us look at the different possible repairs..


Reset it (power needs to be recycled)

If the control panel has stopped responding or is intermittently malfunctioning, first try to reset your machine.

The thing is resetting often resolves several Maytag dishwasher control panel problems and it could do the trick here.

Maytag dishwasher control panel reset procedure

This simply needs you to disconnect it from power for about one minute before you plug it back in.

Just bear in mind that for Maytag dishwashers that come without a plug, you will need to turn it off via the breaker (for one minute) to reset the control panel.


Check if you have set the Control Lock accidentally

Another thing that could be causing the control panel not to work (or seem completely off even after you have plugged it in) is the Control Lock.

You see, once activated the control lock deactivates all buttons to prevent inadvertent operation of the dishwasher (it also avoids unintended cycle/option changes in the midst of a cycle).

If you notice it is active (look for a small padlock on the Control Lock button/any other button), try to deactivate the Control Lock then test the control panel again.

Note that the lights flash 3 times if you press the buttons while the control is locked (but you can still open/close the door).

Maytag dishwasher control panel locked

Maytag dishwasher control panel locked – How to disable Control Lock

Disabling the Control Lock is straightforward- just touch the actual Control Lock button (see the arrow in the image above) for about 3 seconds.

This applies even to models in which the Control Lock is located on a separate button (Like High Temp Wash button).

If in doubt of the precise enabling/disabling procedure, check the Owner’s Manual.

Quick Tip:  In some cases, it may be necessary to deactivate Sleep Mode to be able to disable the control lock (To do that, either press “START/RESUME” or “CANCEL” or just open and close the door).


Remove the ribbon cable then plug it back in

Your Maytag dishwasher control panel not working even now?

Well, there is another repair you can take a stab at.

Do this:

  1. Open the unit to access the control panel.
  2. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the slot (on the main control board).
  3. Now plug it back and make sure it is secure.

This will help if your Maytag dishwasher control panel issues are occurring due to a loose ribbon cable connection.

Quick Tip: You can take advantage of the removal of the ribbon cable to clean it as corrosion can also bring control panel problems- simply scrape off the rust (carefully).


Replace the control panel

The control panel part may, after all, be defective and unfortunately, it won’t work until replaced.

Needless to say, before performing Maytag dishwasher control panel replacement, you need to purchase the right replacement part (you can order it from Amazon- and be sure to check compatibility).

To add, most Maytag dishwasher control panel parts are widely available online so you can also check websites such as if the right component is out of stock at Amazon.

Quick Tip: The change out is typically super easy (you will be done in just a couple of minutes) and there are several helpful YouTube videos that can hold your hand.


Maytag dishwasher troubleshooting control panel – Fixing other panel issues

Maytag dishwasher no power to control panel

If your Maytag dishwasher control panel won’t light up, you again need to try to reset it before considering anything else so unplug the dishwasher (or turn off the breaker) then restore power.

Secondly, if there are no lights on your dishwasher panel, confirm that it is not the Control Lock that has been activated.

Quick Tip: Check if there is voltage coming in to the unit using a voltage detector before going for a replacement.

Maytag dishwasher touch panel not working

For a non-functional touch panel, try the following:

  • Reset the unit.
  • Verify there is power to the touch panel before everything- If it is getting power, then probably the problem is elsewhere and not in the power supply/the fuse.
  • Check the ribbon cable – it might be coming loose/some grime has gotten into it (interfering with the connection). Try to fix the cable and clean it.
  • Replace the touch pad- the problem may be in the touch panel itself and a replacement is needed (a cable might, for example, be broken).
  • Replace the control board (main)- though not very common, the unit’s main control board can be defective and the only solution is replacing the whole thing ( only do this if it makes economic sense). This also applies to conventional button control panels.


Maytag dishwasher control panel buttons not working -general recommendations

In general, if nothing happens when you press the buttons (some or even all), the entire control panel needs to be changed out.

However, you should always try to remove and clean out the ribbon cable before you bite the bullet and order a replacement.


Maytag dishwasher troubleshooting control panel – Final words

If there is no joy after you have tried everything, you have two options:  

Option 1: Reach out to your nearest Maytag dealer (or repair shop) – they may charge an arm and a leg.

Option 2: Bite the bullet and probably purchase a new unit (likely a different brand) – this could be the best solution if the problem persists (and you are frustrated by the recurring repair bill).



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