Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator troubleshooting ice maker

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Just like other appliances, Frigidaire refrigerators are not always perfect – they might fail over time. And, when this occurs, you might want to know how to fix it. And, that’s where this article comes in…

I will give you step-by-step instructions to help you in troubleshooting your Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice maker problems.

Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator troubleshooting ice maker (How to fix ice maker on Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator)

To make troubleshooting easier, we shall individually look at the different problems (and solutions) the icemaker might run into.

Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice maker not getting water / Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice maker not filling with water

The first suspect you should check is the water inlet valve/faucet – make sure it is fully open.

Next, straighten out any kinks that might be on the water inlet line – kinks are likely to occur if you’ve pushed the refrigerator too far to the wall.

And, the kinks might be slowing/stopping the water flow.

Something else: Confirm that the water pressure (to the refrigerator) is at least 20 psi.

However, if your model has a water filter, you might want to slightly increase the pressure to around 45 psi.

If your model uses a water filter, when was the last time you changed it?

You see, unlike other appliance filters, refrigerator filters require replacing once they get clogged. And, to ensure efficient running of the refrigerator, you should change them at least every 6 months – buy an original filter on Amazon.

A common sign of a clogged water filter is if water to the ice maker is dispensing slowly or not at all even when the house water pressure is good.

Something else: When installing the new filter, make sure it clicks into place. The ‘click’ means that the filter is properly installed.

Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator won’t make ice / Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator stopped making ice (Frigidaire Gallery fridge stopped making ice)

To fix an icemaker that won’t make ice, start by confirming that the power switch is in the on () position:

Troubleshooting Frigidaire Gallery ice maker

Next, make sure that the icemaker’s wire signal arm can move freely – both upwards and downwards as below:

Frigidaire refrigerator Gallery ice maker not working

You see, at times an ice cube or other object might wedge itself along the signal arm thereby impeding its movement.

So, be sure to remove any foreign object that might be there.

Additionally, ensure that the ice bin is pushed all the way to the back of the shelf. This is because if it slightly comes out of place, it might prevent the signal arm from dropping all the way down.

Quick tip: Lifting the wire signal arm turns the icemaker off while lowering it turns the icemaker on.

The next likely suspect is if the refrigerator is not getting any water.

To troubleshoot this problem, refer to the solutions we’ve provided in the section above (Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice maker not getting water).

Finally, if none of these solutions solve your problem, chances are that the ice maker is defective and needs to be replaced – see current Frigidaire refrigerator icemaker prices.

Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator not making enough ice

Oftentimes, this is usually due to low water pressure.

So, start by making sure that the water pressure to the refrigerator is at least 20 psi.

Another likely suspect is the water supply line – straighten any twists it might have since they could be reducing the water pressure.

The other likely culprit for your refrigerator not making enough ice is a clogged water filter.

Unfortunately, when it comes to a clogged refrigerator water filter, the only workaround is to get a replacement filter.

Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice cubes clumping together (ice cubes are freezing together)

Clumped ice cubes are usually a result of the cubes not being used frequently.

In other words, leaving the ice cubes together for long results in the cubes starting to clump/freeze together.

To fix this problem, discard the clumped ice cubes and let the ice maker produce fresh ice.

Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator won’t dispense ice / Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator not dropping ice (Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice dispenser not working)

Of course, your refrigerator won’t dispense ice if no ice is being formed. So, start by checking the ice bin… Are there any ice cubes?

If not, then this is an ice production problem as we have just seen above. So, to know how to troubleshoot this problem, check the solutions we have given in that section (Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator won’t make ice).

And while still in the ice bin, make sure that the ice cubes have not clumped together.

This is because clumped ice cubes are too big to go through the ice chute.

In this case, discard the large ice chunks and leave the ice maker to produce fresh ice cubes.

Another common culprit for your refrigerator not dispensing ice is the control lock – if it is activated, it deactivates the ice and water dispenser(s).

Having said that, press and hold the lock pad for 3 seconds to deactivate control lock.

More solutions you should try

While pressing the ice dispenser lever, pour some warm water through the ice chute. Why? You may ask.

Well, at times, small ice cubes might get trapped inside the chute thereby blocking it. And of course, this prevents additional ice cubes from flowing through the chute.

Quick tip: Before pouring the warm water, put a dry towel underneath the dispenser to trap the water.

The warm water will melt any ice that might be trapped in the chute thereby clearing it.

Finally, it could be that ice has melted and then frozen around the auger. This can be due to infrequent use of ice, temperature fluctuations, and/or power outages.

Having said that, proceed to remove the ice container, thaw it, and empty its contents.

Next, clean the container, wipe it dry, and reinsert it back into its position.

Now, when new ice is made, the dispenser should work fine.

Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice maker won’t shut off (ice maker will not stop making ice)

When this occurs, it means that something is holding down the wire signal arm in the freezer.

As a result, the icemaker is running continuously.

So, to fix this problem, all you need to do is to remove whatever is holding the wire signal arm down.

Many a time, this is usually due to some stray ice cubes – remove them.

Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice maker overflows with water

From what I have seen, this is usually due to one of two reasons (they also apply to brand-new refrigerators):

  • Either the refrigerator or the icemaker is not level
  • The water pressure to the refrigerator exceeds 120 psi

Now, to fix this problem, start by making sure both the refrigerator and icemaker are level.

Next, if the water pressure exceeds 120 psi, partially close the water valve to reduce the pressure.

However, the better solution would be to install a water pressure regulator – they are very cheap with most costing under 20 bucks.

If you opt to take this route, we recommend you get the Hydronix water pressure regulator… It regulates the pressure to within 60 psi which is within the acceptable range.

Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator ice maker leaking water

At times, it’s possible to confuse this with an overflowing icemaker. So, start by following the solutions in the above section to be sure your icemaker is not overflowing.

Moving on…

If your icemaker seems to be leaking from the bottom, it’s possible that one or more of its trays are cracked.

And, the water is leaking through these cracks.

Unfortunately, the only remedy to this problem is to replace the entire icemaker.

Remember: When purchasing a replacement ice maker, be sure to get one that is compatible with your refrigerator model.

Another likely suspect for a leaking refrigerator icemaker is a defective inlet valve – it may have some sediments that are preventing it from closing fully.

That’s why we recommend you get an OEM inlet valve if the previous troubleshooting steps did not stop the leaking.

Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator troubleshooting ice maker – wrapping it up

That’s it! Your ice maker should now be churning ice as if it were new. But remember to give it time – it might take up to 24 hours for the first batch to be complete.


Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator troubleshooting

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