Can you put converse in the washing machine? Is it safe?

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Question: can you put converse in the washing machine?

Well, in this article, we shall be answering this very common question and more questions about washing converse in your washer…

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Can you put converse in the washing machine?

Short answer: Yes- Converse will wash out fine when thrown into your washer (but for leather and suede converse shoes).

And in fact, washing converse in your washing machine is pretty simple…

You simply need to take the laces (and soles) out, throw the shoes into the washing machine (without putting any other clothes) then wash them at low speed (run the washer on gentle always).

Then, when it comes to drying them, just then let the shoes air dry- Don’t forget glue has been used to bind these things together and it’s likely to dissolve if the temp is too high so it’s not a good idea to dry them in the dryer.

Oh, and if you’re washing white converse and it still comes out looking brownish, you can try using oxyclean (or spray & wash)

Okay, the converse sneakers/trainers could feel a little bit stiff when you wear them the first time but this won’t last.

Can you put converse in the washing machine?

Yes, you can generally put Converse shoes in the washing machine, but it’s important to take certain precautions to prevent any damage.

Below I will share tips and how to safely wash your favorite converse shoes (step-by-step)  in your washing machine:


Washing converse in washing machine – important tips

Pre-treat them

You could pre-treat the shoe with stain remover, if they’re super stained before tossing them in the washer. 

The best thing is that your shoes will come out cleaner once you pretreat them (do this if they’re having deep grass, food/stains, etc.)


Brush off dirt before

You should additionally use a brush to brush off any excess dirt and/or debris before putting the shoes in your washing machine.

This is important too because dirt and debris can clog up the washing machine!


Soaking overnight is risky

A lot of people think that soaking converse overnight in Oxiclean (or a similar product)  will help remove stains if the shoes are awfully dirty..

Well, it is not a very bright thing to do and you have to be extra careful.

You see, if you soak them overnight, the bottoms might start coming off as soon as you wear them the next time because the sodium percarbonate in Oxiclean can damage the glue holding them to the shoes!


How to wash shoes laces

Regarding the laces, you can put the laces inside one of those common little net bags (the ones folks often use for delicate items) and have them washed in the machine.

What you do not want is to put your laces loose in your machine as they’ll probably get lost (or tied up) during the wash.


Use towels

Something else: Even if your shoes are in a laundry bag, you can throw in a towel (4-6) to keep noise down as the shoes are being washed (the towels will prevent them from loudly banging against the inside-of the washer).

Another benefit of adding a couple of towels with the shoes is that it helps balance the load.

As mentioned above, your shoe laces will be in a separate washable bag.

If you don’t have some washable bags, just put everything separately in pillowcases (be sure to tie whatever you use at the top).


How much detergent should you put?

Now, when it comes to the detergent, just add the same amount that you typically use to wash a small laundry load.

Be sure to use a good quality liquid detergent- a powdered detergent could get stuck inside (of your shoes).


Do not use hot water

Please do not use hot water since the heat could cause the glue holding your shoes together to loosen (your shoes will start to fall apart prematurely)- warm water is enough to loosen the dirt (and stains) from your converse shoes.

On the other hand, you can use cool water if you’re concerned about keeping your converse bright in color.

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How long does it take to wash dirty converse in a washing machine?

Depending on your washing machine, the total wash time is usually anywhere between 30 and 40 minutes.


How to dry converse

For drying them, you can just keep the shoes near a window if in summer (Of course, they may not dry as quickly as you may want but it will stop them perishing).

Quick Note: Be cautious if your converse shoes are of dark color as the sun could bleach them a couple of shades lighter if exposed directly.

In winter, perhaps you can use a hairdryer (use a warm setting) to help finish drying them.

Also, when you take the shoes out of the washer, remember to stuff them with newspapers to help maintain their shape -it also helps absorb any excess water.

You should change the newspaper occasionally throughout the drying process, if necessary.

As a substitute, you can as well ball up a towel/paper towels and fill the inside (of the shoes) using them.

Just a reminder: No matter the season, the idea is to let them air-dry in a warm spot with adequate air circulation.

Finally, spend a few seconds try to flatten out your laces just before you lay them out to air dry.


Can converse go in the washing machine? More Questions

Can you put leather converse in the washing machine?

No. Leather is easily damaged when put in a washer.

Can you put white converse in the washing machine?

Yes, there should be no problem –whether white or not-  as long as it is not leather or suede.

Can you put suede converse in the washing machine?

Like other suede shoes, putting suede converse in your washing machine will likely ruin them!

Can you put converse in the washing machine with laces on?

It is not recommended – remove the laces and put them in a pillowcase/wash bag to keep them from getting lost/tangled during the wash.


Can you put converse in the washing machine? – Recap

Yes, overall it’s totally doable (though converse themselves discourage this)…

In a nutshell, converse should wash out pretty much fine when thrown into a washing machine so it’s not a big deal and it will make life so so much easier (but for the exceptions above).

The only important thing to remember is not to dry converse in the dryer- the glue can easily peel when exposed to high temperature so just air dry.

Keep in mind that you should only replace the inserts (and shoelaces) when they have fully dried.



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