Can I wash jeans with other clothes?

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So, can you wash your jeans with other clothes in a washing machine when needed?…..

Perhaps you’re worried that washing your jeans with other clothes could damage them or the washer and you need to be sure that it is safe(and efficient).

Let’s find out.

Can I wash jeans with other clothes? And can i wash jeans with white clothes? And what can i wash jeans with?

Yes! Overall, you can wash most jeans(blue jeans, black jeans, as well as your white jeans) with other clothes in a washing machine without causing the color to fade or messing up your other clothes.

But there’s no one size fits all approach so you need to bear in mind the following:  

  • For colored clothes, you can wash them together with your colored jeans- It helps maintain their color.
  • Likewise, for light-colored jeans, you can toss them together with light-colored clothes- again it could help prevent fading(while protecting the fabric).

Can I wash jeans with other clothes? More guidelines to observe…

Check care instructions

Some jeans come with care instructions stating that you should wash jeans separately first when new(to prevent color bleeding from your jeans onto your other clothes).

Do not wash dark-colored jeans with light colored clothes

Washing light clothes and dark-colored jeans together can cause color to bleed out of your jeans- these colors may subsequently stain your other light-color (whites) clothes.

Also, light clothes might need some detergent to lighten them further.

Problem is, when you mix dark jeans in the washing machine with whites and then add a lightening detergent, your jeans could fade.

Wash jeans in cold water

While you can wash other clothes in either warm/ hot water, cold water is recommended for jeans as hot water can destroy the fabric.

Close the zippers

For jeans with zips, close the zippers fast as they can snag onto other clothes -and tear your other clothes- when tumbling in your washing machine.

How to wash your embellished jeans

Embellished jeans are those jeans that are decorated with things like beads, studs, or crystals.

Now, if you have embellished jeans, you want to wash them and leave the decorations attached as they make the jean look super beautiful and cool.

That being so, the truth is washing embellished jeans by hand could be the best option.


Well, because when you wash your jeans by hand, the decoration is unlikely to become detached as it often happens when put in a washer.

How to wash jeans in washing machine (including your black jeans) and make the jeans last longer without losing color

Use the right detergent

If you yourself own dark jeans, always use a colored detergent as it slows down fading.

Meanwhile, for your white jeans, you can use any good detergent with an optical brightness agent since it tends to make white jeans even whiter.

Always turn jeans inside out before washing

Turning your jeans inside out is one of the best tricks.

You see, when you turn your jeans inside out, it helps prevent the dye from running in the wash.

This again can stop your jeans from fading when you’re drying them naturally (if you prefer drying your jeans in the sun).

Use lukewarm water and add salt to wash your dark jeans

There’s always a chance that your dark-colored jean will be really frustrating to wash the first time (we all dread colors bleeding during the wash)

Now that this is very common, always use add salt in lukewarm water when washing these kinds of jeans for the first time because it helps set the dye.

Treat your jeans with care

Jeans are made from different types of materials so always check the care label to be sure of the detergent to use, how to wash(including the setting and whether cold/warm water), and the best way to dry your jeans (flat or on a rack).

Whip your jeans as quick as you can once the wash cycle ends

Be extra attentive when washing your jeans.

Specifically, once the cycle ends, whip them out of the drum immediately.

By so doing, you will prevent ugly faded wrinkles from appearing on the surface of the fabric.

Avoid over-washing your jeans more often

Avoid washing your jeans each and every time you put them on- you want to reduce their wearing, tearing, and fading rate.

You can even be wearing your jeans anywhere from 1-5 times before washing them.

Of course, the number of wears is determined by how soiled they’re and the fabric- for cotton, you might wash every time you wear but for stretch jeans, you need to wash them minimal times(to avoid them getting baggy).

A word on tumble drying your jeans

Most jeans are made from stretch materials like lycra fibers/elastane and tumble drying can damage the lycra fibers(due to the heat), making your jeans stop fitting you perfectly(over time).

So, dry your jeans naturally (hang-dry) if possible.

Can I wash jeans with other clothes? -FAQs

What can I do with my faded jeans?

Most people think that once their jeans start to fade, all is lost.

Well, it is not always that way- you can give your faded jeans a new lease of life with a washing dye like Rit dye)- it can help you revive the original color.

Can I wash my jeans in warm water?

Overall, cold water is the best option as it prevents shrinking or bleeding.

Can I wash jeans with other clothes? -Recap

Yes, you can wash jeans with other clothes but you will have to sort the clothes out.

Wash the light-colored jeans with the light-colored clothes and the dark-colored jeans with dark-colored clothes to prevent bleeding of colors.

Most importantly, make it a habit to read the care label on your jeans- that way, you will be sure you’re washing your jeans the right way.


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