Bosch dishwasher wont turn on [Fixed]

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So your Bosch dishwasher wont turn on?

Well, the issue can be as simple as a tripped breaker (or wall switch) or you could be looking at a control board that has gone bad (which means you’ll need to swap it out).

There are plenty of other potential culprits, some which you can fix quickly and others that need more labor and skill to troubleshoot.

Below is an explanation of all the things you should check (and what to do) if your Bosch dishwasher wont turn on as you try to get the machine back up quickly.

Bosch dishwasher wont turn on –fixes to try

Check for power issues

Your first step is checking for power issues- lack of power supply is often the reason why the lights won’t come on.

So start by checking if the breaker could be tripped (and reset the circuit breaker or fuse).

Next, look for a tripped GFI (in the kitchen)- it is another possible issue.

After that, check if the outlet is fine – the appliance won’t have power if plugged into a faulty outlet.

Measuring voltage with a voltmeter/multi-meter (at the outlet) should confirm if the outlet is operational.

Still, the problem can occur if the power cord is not plugged in fully (or it has come loose from the outlet/dishwasher side).

That being so, it is a good idea to check this too- check if it’s plugged in properly before you even go very far in your troubleshooting.

Also, be sure to check the actual cord.


It could be damaged meaning it’s not passing electricity (sometimes rodents will chew the cord)-Test it as well for power with the meter, if necessary.

In addition, in some houses, there is a service switch (along the counter -in the kitchen) that users can flip off when they need to kill power (to the dishwasher).

It is therefore important to inspect the area for any switches -they are typically found near the sink (You might notice a set of switches together).

If there, flip on the switch for the dishwasher and see if your Bosch dishwasher will finally turn.


Check for power problem to the control

Now, if you have verified everything mentioned above with no luck, you need to check if the mains is actually getting to the unit’s control module.

To do that:

  1. Strip the front off and proceed to remove the control module.
  2. Next, open it up and visually inspect it- you want to particularly check the installed Power controller IC.

Now, if you notice smoke signs on the part (or other indications of damage), it is a clear indicator that power is not getting to the control (a resistor might have created an open circuit perhaps due to overheating).

So, how do you fix this?

Well, you need to order a new IC and replacement resistor (check your service sheet for the correct resistor value).

The best part?

The resistor and IC chip are fairly cheap and easily available so replacing them both should not be a big deal.

Quick Tip: You may need to measure the resistances of all the resistors to be sure which are/is faulty.


Check for loose wire/connection somewhere inside the unit 

Checking for a potential loose wire(s)/connection(s) inside the dishwasher also makes sense if your bosch dishwasher has power but won’t turn on.


  1. Disconnect power and get the dishwasher out.
  2. Take the appliance apart and check the wiring and all the connections everywhere.

Everything should be securely connected and there should be no scorched/broken wire.

Repair/replace, if needed.


Check the control panel

The control panel could be dead or faulty so there will be no response (no LED lights or anything) at all when you try to make it turn on (despite power being present).

Here you should first try to disconnect the control panel connectors (to the main board) and clean off any corrosion/grime.

You then connect them back and check if the machine powers on.

If it doesn’t, replace the whole control panel and see.


Replace the control board

It is also likely that the control board may have completely failed- sometimes the control board goes bad just 3-6 months after installation due to excess moisture remaining inside the cabinet (after use) when users don’t use rinse aid.

You see, excess moisture usually travels through the lid latch area causing corrosion on the circuits and shorting them out.

For that reason, try replacing the entire board and see.


A word on buying Bosch dishwasher replacement parts

There are multiple Bosch dishwasher models so you need to be careful when shopping for replacement parts – most don’t use the same part number.

The best approach that we can recommend is you first take out your bad component and read the part number (you should see it upon inspecting the part).

Once you get the correct part number, you will order a replacement component with that particular number (or its substitute).

This is critical since some sellers of Bosch parts specifically ask for the part number (and not the dishwasher model number) to confirm compatibility.

The other thing that we want to add is that if you feel a bit overwhelmed about performing the replacement yourself, YouTube can be very helpful.

In fact, there are tons of free videos on Bosch dishwasher parts replacement on YouTube and all you need to do is search for and watch the correct video prior to doing the replacement.


Final words

If the above ideas have not helped and your Bosch dishwasher wont turn on yet, check your owners manual for more troubleshooting suggestions.

The other handy resource when it comes to fixing most Bosch dishwasher problems is the service sheet – it is usually found behind the appliance’s toe panel

Therefore, find the service sheet for your model and try to follow it along if you’re mechanically inclined.

Your final option is calling a service technician to diagnose it (but if it is still within the warranty period, you can just let Bosch handle it free of charge).



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