Bosch dishwasher buttons not responding [5 Fixes]

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Your Bosch dishwasher buttons not responding (suddenly!)? Read this troubleshooting guide

If your Bosch dishwasher buttons won’t respond, you don’t need to pay an expensive fee to have the issue fixed..

Below are some troubleshooting procedures you can perform on your appliance to resolve the issue (a few are simple even for those who are not particularly handy).

Bosch dishwasher buttons not responding – how to fix the problem of Bosch dishwasher buttons not working

Your Bosch dishwasher buttons not working?

You check it for the following problems: Is power supply to your dishwasher ok? Check. Could control lock be engaged (someone might have accidentally pressed it). Also, check your dishwasher’s child lock feature(if it has one). Otherwise, you may need to repace the entire control panel (or even the main control board).

Read on for the steps

The following fixes could end up making the buttons of your appliance resume normal functioning when it comes to a variety of Bosch dishwasher models and could do the trick.

Reset the machine – do this before anything else

Perhaps it is a programming problem and all you need to do to make the buttons responsive again is performing a quick reset of the machine.

You can try a “soft reset” first – just follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the dishwasher.
  2. Turn on the dishwasher.
  3. Press and hold “Start button” for 5 seconds (or more) until the display switches to flashing 0:01.
  4. Close the door.
  5. Let the dishwasher run a 1 minute cycle.
  6. Open the door and turn dishwasher off.
  7. Turn the dishwasher back on.
  8. Now try to select whatever new cycle/added functions you wanted.

Your Bosch dishwasher reset not working? Here’s another trick 

Well, if you can’t reset Bosch dishwasher through the steps above, the other way to make the board/controls reset completely is by powering it off (hard reset).

You simply cut the juice (at the breaker) for about 5 minutes then reboot it and see.


Disable the Child Lock feature

As with other dishwashers, Bosch brand dishwashers come with the Child Lock feature and it could be the problem.

But why is this so?

You see, once activated, Child Lock prevents the machine from responding to any button press (remember its purpose is to keep children from inadvertently changing settings in the middle of a cycle).

That being the case, you might need to check if Child Lock is active (the display indicates “CL” if enabled) and disable it.

How to deactivate child lock

Just hold down “Child Lock” button/pad for around 4 seconds (until “CL” clears from the display).


Close the Door- if your Bosch dishwasher start button wont work or Bosch dishwasher buttons are not working after reset

Now, in nearly all Bosch dishwashers, the start button (not to be confused with the On/Off button) only works when the door is closed so it makes sense to check the door first.

You should, therefore, go ahead and close it fully if you find the door not tightly shut.


Bosch dishwasher buttons not responding or bosch dishwasher start button stuck – other repairs

Check if there is dirt beneath the buttons (and clean it out)

Any dirt settled underneath the buttons could make it difficult for the buttons to respond (signal transmission is likely to be messed up).

For this reason, try to access your Bosch dishwasher control panel area and clear any dust you find around/below the buttons.

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Swap the buttons

The buttons on your Bosch dishwasher maybe damaged completely due to reasons such as moisture leaking in the area.

Now, if you suspect that the buttons are themselves the culprit, you will need to take it all apart and install a new control console board (it includes the actual buttons along with the control panel board).

This may fix the issue of your Bosch dishwasher buttons controls not working.

Installation procedure

  1. Disconnect power from your Bosch dishwasher -flip the breaker “Off”.
  2. Open the machine’s door and remove the Torx screws mounted along the top edge of the door (Typically, there are two screws here).
  3. The other screws (commonly two as well) you need to remove are along the side of the dishwasher’s top panel.
  4. Lift the door up (as if you’re shutting it) and then lift the cover to the control panel up while pulling it away (be careful) from the door. Note that you can only get the panel out completely once you detach the wires attached to control console board.
  5. Next, press the tabs (on all sides of control console board) with a flat-head screwdriver to release the board then start to pull out the console board from the door.
  6. Once fully out, insert your newly-purchased control console board then push down on it until you notice the tabs lock securely into place.
  7. Proceed to reconnect the wires as well as the ribbon back into place.
  8. Screw the newly-mounted control console board into place (on the appliance’s door).


Bosch dishwasher control board replacement

Your final gamble could be replacing the unit’s main control board.

In fact, a pretty common reason for changing out the control board is when a Bosch dishwasher buttons wont work (other reasons are when the soap dispenser malfunctions or the dishwasher doesn’t start).

This control module is a Bosch O.E.M. authorized part and fits with countless Bosch Brand dishwasher models and could be what you need.

Quick Tip: Take a picture of the wiring with your phone before taking it off – it will help you fix everything back correctly. Plus, watch one or two YouTube videos about installing a new Bosch dishwasher control module before starting.


Bosch dishwasher buttons not responding -Wrap up

Please don’t forget that it is advisable to always use protective safety gear/equipment and disconnect the dishwasher from power prior to undertaking major repairs.

You don’t want to risk electrocution or some other serious injury.



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8 thoughts on “Bosch dishwasher buttons not responding [5 Fixes]”

  1. I was simply replacing the Stainless Steel skin on the front of the door. I was gentle with all components especially the control buttons and board. On re-assy, the machine acted DEAD (nothing acted, nothing showed). Therefore, the machine would not start.
    The parts supplier recommended the Control board in the door – that did not fix it or change anything.

    I thought I may have damaged a wire or connector. I checked continuity in each wire leading the to Power Control Module – all checked out good.
    I am heading to replace the Power Control Module – with NO CONFIDENCE that it will solve the problem.
    How on earth could this happen? Any ideas??

    • GJM
      November 30, 2022

      I have been dealing with the same issue. I have replaced the power on/off switch, the operating panel, and the power module. Like you, I checked the continuity of all the wires in the harness. The machine still will not come to life. Have you been able to find a solution?

      • Did you ever get this to work?
        I had an E23 code. Did all the requisite steps before I ultimately replaced the drain pump.
        Went to reassemble and unit is dead.
        Getting 120v at the power switch, I don’t want to keep replacing random boards, or replace an expensive dishwasher that has something easily repairable wrong with it.

        So frustrated!

  2. Do you perhaps know what causes the TAP and Rinse Aid lights to flash together? Bosh SMS69 series dishwasher


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