Angle grinder uses wood – how to use angle grinder on wood

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An angle grinder is a vastly versatile tool that you can use for myriad kinds of projects.

This article looks at how you can use an angle grinder on wood at home or business.

Angle grinder uses wood – 3 amazing ways you can use an angle grinder on wood

Here are the three leading tasks an angle grinder would perfectly suit in your woodworking workshop.


1.     Wood carving

Wood carving is incredibly rewarding and can be a thoroughly fulfilling hobby.

Now, what about adding an angle grinder to your wood carving arsenal?

Here is the thing: with an angle grinder that is specially-designed to be used on wood (a great example is this King Arthur mini grinder), you’ll quickly grow into your favorite pastime.

These types of angle grinders can create immensely intricate details and the smoothest of finishes on wood thanks to their special construction and in much less time.

Plus, they typically come with everything to get you started including sanding discs.

In a nutshell, an angle grinder can be a breath of fresh air in your woodcarving art and trying one maybe a step in the right direction.


2.     Cutting wood

By attaching a wood cutting disc for angle grinder, you convert the power tool into a safe and ferocious wood cutting machine.

The other option is fixing an angle grinder blade for wood (the right blade is critical here) depending on the type of lumber you want to chop.

Keep in mind that an angle grinder could make up to 15000 RPMs (rotations per minute) potentially causing a mighty kickback and injuries to your hand.

Fortunately, the best models come with safeguards and you’ll be fine as long such controls are engaged.

The other thing to note is that some kinds of wood are too light for the appliance (think plywood) and it’s not advisable to use the tool on them.

For such, consider a circular saw, reciprocal saw, oscillating tools, and the like.

PS: Here is an example of a disc you can use to slit and cross cut wood with your angle grinder. You can check out this great wood cut off wheel for angle grinder too.

Pro Tip: You can look for ways to construct an angle grinder stand if you desire to always cut wood straight and at an exact angle. Here is a nice instructable you can follow for instructions.


3.     Use angle grinder to sand wood

If you’re seeking a superfast, reliable tool to sand out those last bits to create a fine antique, look no further than an angle grinder.

All you have to do is outfit this multi-tasking device with a good quality angle grinder sanding disc and you’ll be good to go.

Our preference for sanding applications is a flap disc (such as this popular flap disc for wood) because of their and long-lasting construction.

More importantly, they sand cleanly providing a smoother, consistent finish.

In terms of operation, there’s a minimal learning curve- you use a flap disc with the angle grinder nearly the same way you use sandpaper.


Angle grinder uses wood -Other uses for angle grinder on wood

Still on angle grinder wood uses, you can bridge your angle grinder to circular saw and extract even more uses from this handy multi-tool.

So, how is that possible?

The secret lies in the mounting a circular saw attachment for angle grinder to your power tool.

But is it even worth it?

Well, for the uninitiated, in a circular saw, you have a utilitarian wood cutting workhorse that can do it all…


  • You’ll easily make crosscuts on lumber– For beginners, this involves cutting perpendicular to the wood’s grain, for instance, to make long boards shorter.
  • You’ll make rip cuts effortlessly: Unlike cross-cutting, a rip-cut severs or divides the wood parallel (not perpendicular) to the grain. Rip cuts are very common in sawmills.
  • Lastly, you can always make combination cuts in no time: Essentially, this combines the above two cuts and requires that you attach a combination blade (this has teeth that cuts both perpendicularly and in parallel)

In short, you can do many inspiring things including cutting a circle in the middle of wood with a bit of creativity and some practice with this attachment.

As with other angle grinder attachments for wood, you can shop for a suitable circular saw attachment for your angle grinder online if you’d like to accomplish these extra tasks without purchasing a dedicated circular saw.

Angle grinder uses wood: A word on debarking with an angle grinder

Most of us are used to tools such as drawknives, bark spuds, and even chisels when it comes to stripping barks from freshly felled logs.

What you may not be aware of is that an angle grinder is a viable option for debarking different species of wood.

How it works

For removing bark with angle grinder, you could still work with a carving Angle Grinder Disc (those made of tungsten carbide are tougher and are extremely durable).

If you’re to take this route, we recommend that you select a model consisting of hundreds of ultra-sharp teeth – these save time as they quickly chew into the bark.


Angle grinder uses wood : Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can you use an angle grinder to sand wood?

Short answer: As explained earlier, yes.

You can use an angle grinder sanding disk to shape wood artistically and it handles everything – ranging from native species to exotic hardwood- nicely.

In fact, some innovative woodworkers have been using the angle grinder-sanding disk combination instead of investing in more expensive sanding equipment like a drum sander.


Will a diamond blade cut wood (on angle grinder?)

Well, a diamond blade cuts wood very well when installed on an angle grinder.

The issue is, however, is that it doesn’t finish the job pristinely – it’s likely to leave rough edges- as the blade is traditionally built for tougher materials like stone.

As such, we suggest that you use a conventional wood cutting disk for angle grinder for better results.

Final words

There are countless grinder power tool uses on wood – from carving, shaping, and even sanding wood-provided you use the right woodworking attachments.

But it’s very important that you observe extreme caution while operating an angle grinder- this monster can hit up to 15000 RPMs, enough to cause a near-death experience if you’ve thrown caution to the wind.

A good place to start is safety glasses and all the basic PPE.

Also, follow all the operation instructions to a tee.


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