4 prong outlet wiring diagram [Dryer]       

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When it comes to electrical wiring, there is no room for mistake-A slight mistake could lead to your house going up in flames or worse still, you might get electrocuted.

With that in mind, we will take you through wiring a 4 prong dryer outlet.

For easier understanding, we shall incorporate enough visuals to aid in this including 4 prong outlet wiring diagram.

Let us get started.

4 prong outlet wiring diagram

To begin with, we will need to make sure that you can correctly identify the different terminals just by looking at your outlet.

To better understand these terminals, have a look at the image below:

4 prong dryer outlet wiring diagram

Therefore, whenever you are installing a 4 prong outlet, you will want to make sure that the L-shaped terminal is always at the bottom.


Well, all dryer and washer power cords have the neutral terminal at the bottom of the plug.

Now, looking at it from an electrical point, the internal wiring is a bit different.

To help you better understand it, have a look at the image below:

samsung 4 prong dryer outlet wiring diagram



Quick tip: Depending on the type of wiring cable you decide to use, some may have the ground wire come in a green protective coating while others will have it just as a bare copper wire.


So, how are these wires connected to the mains?

Well, without using many words, the image below should help you to better understand it:

4 wire dryer cord diagram

Quick note: in the very least, use a 30 ampere receptacle.

Using anything less than this risks melting the receptacle once you plug in your dryer.


4 prong outlet wiring diagram – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What wire type should I use to install a 4 prong dryer- washer outlet?

Since washers and dryers consume quite some power, we recommend you to use a 10-gauge wire.

That is because it withstands the 240v AC required by the appliances perfectly.

You can try out the popular 10/3 NM-B W/G wire– this 10-gauge wire (it’s a 30 Amp wire) works perfectly and has been used in loads of houses to wire dryers, stoves, electric water tanks, etc.


Which is the best receptacle for a 4 prong dryer outlet?

We recommend the best-selling 30-amp Enerlites receptacle.

You see, with this receptacle, your outlet won’t melt from the power consumed by your dryer.

Moreover, it will easily hold 10-gauge wires.

And thicker ones too.


Final words

As we wrap up, we always advise our readers to consult qualified professionals if they are not comfortable around electrical connections.

Good luck!


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